Pain Pootis

Pain Pootis is a RED Heavy TF2 Freak.

His normal theme is Conker: Live and Reloaded - Ugga Bugga

His rage theme is EarthBound Halloween Hack OST - Final Boss

Pain Pootis

It is good day to FLY!

Appearance and Personality

He was a RED Heavy before he drank some Pootis Bird blood, having mistaken it for strawberry juice. It transformed him into the Freak known by his friends as "Pain Pootis". Now he has a big head, is skinny for a Heavy, and has a weird facial expression. He is usually nice to the RED team but hates BLU for trying to kill his two friends. But he will be friendly to BLU if they don't harm him or any RED team members

If he can't decide, he will judge them and even RED Freaks by looking at them. When done, he will see them either as a friend and will will let them go, or see them as evil. If he decides that thay are evil, they will be killed by his knives. He also as a habit of saying Poot when talking.

Power and Abilitiles ghe

  • It can fly similar to Pootis Birds.
  • He can levitate knives that attack very fast.
  • Knows martial arts. For close combat and training his friends for battle
  • Can dodge Fast attack (6 times)

He can also levitate people (only when in raged)

Has a secret ultimate attack he creates a barrier to protect and reflects attacks (only when in raged)

Faults and Weakness

He wioo do noting when he knows he is beaten.

He will let his friend temporarily kill him.

His judgement takes time so any unfair people can attack him.

When he is flying he is weak to strong attacks.

He is weak to strong Freaks and attacks.

Thanks to being part Pootis bird he is fooled by anyone on the RED team.


Being nice: Sandvish make us strong pootis.

When Sadden: Ohh it is sad day to be a Pootis Bird.

When being Angered: Hmm you're in big trouble now.


When meeting a Pootis Bird: Poot Poot. (Good day).

Meeting his "Son": Be good and it will make you strong.

When son or friends are hurt: Look I gave you a chance but now I am tired of your shit so... I'LL SHOVE YOUR ASSES SO FAR DOWN YOUR THROATS WHEN YOU CRAP YOU'll SING FUCKING BEETHOVEN tl;dr: Eat Shit ------!


his "When son or friends are hurt" is quote from Dr.Andounts from Earthbound Halloween hack

he originally was going to be RED medic

he was originally was going to be Lawful Evil

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