PNK Vagineer
Creator PumpkinJack6
Creation 25 July 2013
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Energetic
Fighting style Long Ranged
Abilities Stock Vagineer Abilities
Status Alive
Superiors The Original Vagineer
Allies Other Vagineers

The PNK Vagineer, also known as the Winged Vagineer, is a rare type of the Vagineer Species, equipped with the Frontier Flyboy.

Personality and Behavior

Like most Vagineers, The PNK Vagineers are erratic and incomprehensible. They wander the TF2 Freak World, usually causing chaos and destruction, fighting anyone they find. They seem to be more mischievous than hostile, though. They are also predatory and will hunt down anything they desire, especially humans.

Powers and Abilities

Like all of the other Vagineer Species, the PNK Vagineer has stock Vagineer abilities, such as Limb detachment, Limb regeneration, Inhuman strength, and Enhanced durability.

However, what distinguishes them from the other Vagineers is that they have the ability to fly. They can be able to fly long distances, high and low, and swoop down to catch and devour their prey.

PNK Vagineers also have the ability to sense living beings by sound. They do this my emitting loud sounds throughout the environment they're in and listen to the echoes of those sounds that return from various living beings near them, and use those echoes to locate them.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Like all of the other Vagineers, PNK Vagineers are vulnerable to special abilities of TF2 Freaks.
  • Their wings are fragile, therefore they can be easily torn.
  • PNK Vagineers are unable to fly if their wings become wet, making them vulnerable to attacks occurred on-ground.
  • They cannot locate individuals by echolocation if the individual is mute and does not make any noises whatsoever.
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