Paranormal Investigation Agency
Military Organization
Headquarters Every major HQ:

Washington, Columbia, USA
New York, USA
Texas, Usa
Edinburg, Scotland, UK
Kursk, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Island Sahalin, Russia
New Dehli, India
Beijing, China
Tokio, Japan
Sidney, Australia

Leader(s) Different director's trough out the history, Commander Richmond
Senior Member(s) Gravus
Stryker "Montauk"
Old Gun
Other Members Hastur
Sky Breaker
Jacob Anderson
Affiliation None
Purpose Ensure the survival and prosperity of the human race, liqudate any major supernatural or metahuman threath(their real purpose).
Dominate the world and become its master(conspiracy).
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Active Personnel Around 2,500,000 - 3,000,000+ agents
Reserve Personnel 50,000,000 - 60,000,000+
Branches I.N.E.W, A.M.U.

"We are nothing but the only line, that holds super-powered menaces and otherworld invaders at bay! Our flag and cause were blessed in Heaven, and we shall carry them till the very end of our kind! We may call ourselves "P.I.A.", but we are more than that! We are more than just soldiers! We are more than just an army! We are an idea! We will never be killed and stopped!!"

— Commander Richmond, saying his speech to the new recruits.

P.I.A.(or T.M.D.P.O, Tactical Military Division for Paranormal Occurences) is a military task force that specialises in hunting down monsters and evil metahumans and dealing with major threath for humanity. It was created by SpyCrabington654.

Origin and Purpose

From the dawn of creation, humans and magical beings have always been fighting for survival and dominance over each other. Endless wars, deceases, famine - all of this had been keeping up with two sides. But, eventually, after centuries of conflict, humankind emerged victorious, and monsters had to flee to another dimensions and world in search of the new, much safer home. However, some of them thought otherwise - that monsters should stand their ground and overthrow the dominant species, and stayed in this world(and they weren't a small group). Humans, fearing the next conflict with magical beings, started creating special groups of warrior and mages, that would hunt down the remaining monsters and ensure that nothing humankind's life. Then, the small groups of hunters started to gather with each other, and, with time, they've created a one giant organisation around 1156 A.C.. That organisation was the original P.I.A, the Saint Duma's Corps. At first, it consisted of only cathlic country's hunters, but after 1660(12 years after 30-year War), the cathlics Saint Duma's Corps has combined its forces with protestant Saint Joseph's Army of Salvation after seeing that the defenders of humankind should unite before the real problem and not waste their time on political conflicts, forming The Church's Unity organisation. After 19th and begining of 20th century, The Church's Unity has made allience with other organisation, similar to their own, around the world and ended up creating T.M.P.D.O(or P.I.A for a common people) as we know it today. Currently, P.I.A is more concerned with the growing problem with special in the society over the monster, but still is enlargening its war potential for the upcoming demonic invasion on the Earth.


Aside the standart soldiers, different ranking officers and directors, P.I.A has a Metahuman Division(although, pretty everyone here is magician in some way, except Mechanic, Stryker, Commander Richmond, Wastelander, Atomos and Counter.), specifically created for dealing with major problems with monsters, demons and other metahuman. It consists of:

  • Commander Richmond - one of P.I.A's generals, currently is in charge of the Metahuman Preparetion program. Leader of P.I.A's Metahuman Division.
  • Gravus - main researcher in the fields of physics.
  • Stryker "Montauk" - main spy and scout. Metahuman Division's field officer.
  • Old Gun - one of the oldest P.I.A's agents. Main hunter and expert in monster hunting.
  • Samson - former military, P.I.A's entrusted operative. Metahuman Division's bruiser.
  • Mechanic - main researcher in the fields of engineering and programming.
  • Hastur - P.I.A's hunter. Metahuman Division's heavy hitter.
  • Remiel - P.I.A's hunter. Metahuman Division's heavy hitter. Branch between P.I.A and Conclave of the New Dawn.
  • Sky Breaker - was picked up after the events in Scandinavia, where he had been battling a large horde of demons. Metahuman Division's heavy hitter.
  • Constantine - P.I.A's hunter. Picked up during WW2. Metahuman Division's heavy hitter.
  • Jacob Anderson - Constantine's partner and ally. Metahuman Division's medic.
  • Fawkes - P.I.A's hunter.
  • Counter - P.I.A's main hacker and logistics expert.
  • Wastelander - warrior of the alternative timeline. Metahuman Division's bruiser
  • Atomos - P.I.A's scout.

Branches and Allies

  • I.N.E.W(Institute of the New Engineering Ways) - main source of P.I.A's technological advancement and arsenal.
  • A.M.U(Agency's Military Units) - basically, their troopers and army.
  • A.M.C.U(Agency's Militarised Capture Unit) - created to hunt down monsters without any help from hunters.
  • Hunters - P.I.A's magicians and warrior with magical abilities, that specifically armed to fight demons and monster. Includes almost everyone in Metahuman Division.
  • Conclave of the New Dawn - angelic allies of the P.I.A. From to time to time, assists the organisation in some way, whether its going to be sending one of their warriors on Earth or giving some sacred texts or artifacts for studying.


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