TF2 Freak Omega
Creator Gallade Medic
Creation 17 May 2016
Debut The Hunt of the Dragon Ball Part 1 (cameo)
Type Android
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Caring
Fighting style Short to Mid-Range
Abilities Energy Manipulation
Superhuman Fitness
Weaknesses Ice
Status Alive
Occupation Hunter
Subordinates Volter

Omega is a BLK Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Gallade Medic.

His theme is Saiyan Enigma - Golden Frieza Theme.

His battle theme is The Enigma - Rage of the Universe.


Omega was once a RED Medic on Waste that was killed by an explosion. An unnamed robot carried the Medic to Mountain Lab and incinerated all the body parts; the body parts were burned one day later. One of the unnamed robot's followers had an idea to make a android being out of the Medic's remains. Two days later, the Medic was transformed into an android being, killed the unnamed robot and went to Upward. Two days later, he sensed energy on an asteroid. Omega teleported to the asteroid and found a space suit, but BLU Team came and shot the Medic, though he somehow blasted the BLU Team to death and escape from Asteroid and flew to Probed. Later, he discover a beam for his finger, went to a RED Base and killed every mercenary in there. Later, he was attacked by The Watcher, he released his enhanced strength but The Watcher managed to escape from him.

The Medic passed out, but an alien being named Volter carried Medic to his ship. He woke up in a bed, and Volter asked the Medic to wear specialised armour and the Medic became Omega.

Appearance and Personality 

Omega is a BLK Medic wears the Surgeon's Space Suitthe Thoracic Support, and the Lo-Grav Loafers.

Omega is a hostile individual who battles and kill freaks in the TF2 Freak world.

Powers and Abilities

Omega's control main ability is energy manipulation who is able to blast freaks and mercenaries. Somehow, he possesses a form of enhanced fitness including his strength, speed and durability.

Energy Beam: Omega releases an beam of energy to finish the enemy.

Finger BeamA beam of energy from his finger.

Energy Ball: Omega releases a sphere of energy to blast his enemys.

Energy Aura: Omega increases his strength to defeat an enemy.
  • Energy Ball
  • Energy Beam

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Omega's armor is his primary defense. Once it breaks, he is vulnerable, but he will try to repair his armour.
  • Omega's is weakened by ice, giving advantages to Freaks like Medizard, WHT Vagineer, Fjord of Cold Front and more.


  • Omega is a name of the Greek letter of the same name.
  • The Finger Beam is a reference to the Finger Beam from the Dragon Ball Z franchise.
  • He was originally wearing the Lab Practicum and Heads-Up Dismay but it was scrapped and reworked for the Doctor Galactic set. 
    De keysiv0012

    Omega's original look

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