Old' Timers are a small group of Snipers that are retired or old.

Old' Timers!

Their theme is I'll See You In My Dreams Instrumental


After Grail retired, he spent his days sitting at home. He then found a TV show about a group, being inspired he became a Freak Tamer, he became friends with Shimmity & Deadper. Finding this group made him happy & delighted, Shimmity gave one of his piss cigarettes changing him into a fast, strong capable man.

{The Old' Timers} {Members}

Grail The Retired

Old' Grail


Grail is a GRN Sniper wearing the Sydney Straw Boat.

Powers & Abilites

Power Punch: Grail throws a hard punch.

Weak Bones: Will make the opponent weak but upgrades their mobility.

Retired: Makes the opponent have soft hits, but upgrades their reaction time.

Faults & Weaknesses

Being retired, he likes to take it easy and slow, making him soft on punches sometimes. He is not as sturdy but, can with stand normal hits.

Shimmity The Smoking Sniper


Shimmity is a drugged Sniper, he found Grail walking home. He then befriended him.

If you want to learn more about Shimmity, click the Shimmity Link.



Deadper is a GRY Sniper with several weapons in his flesh.

Sadly, there is no page yet, but I will make one to describe what he is, but for now enjoy the photo!

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