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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

ORA undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Ottoman Restoration Army
Military Organization
Headquarters Istanbul
Leader(s) Fez Corsair(Supreme Fez Sultan)
Senior Member(s) Lt. Hassan
Other Members Commander Tarboosh

Kebab Wizard


Purpose Restoration of Ottoman Empire

Elimination of the virgins.

Alignment True neutral
Branches Ottoman Policemen

Ottoman Infantrymen

Ottoman Elite Forces

Fez Army Corps

ORA(Ottoman Restoration Army) is a Turkish Armed Forces that want to restore Ottoman Empire back in the World and destroy the virgins who got possessed with a dirty thing by an idiot man.


The ORA emerged since the existence of garbage that possessed every innocent people in the world. The ORAs were highly trained forces which is capable to destroy the opponents they faced. Mostly they are seen as Ottoman Infantrymen that served for Fez Corsair and his army since their arrival to eliminate the remaining berets that still wasting time on doing trash

Ottoman Policemen patrols Istanbul, a main headquarter of ORA. Sometimes they also participate to fight against zombies so the zombie resistance groups will be pleased to join ORA to restore Ottoman Empire once again and destroy all signs of The Berets as well as The doge and his army and also Fieldcap Officer and his Fieldcap Royal Forces.


There are different branches of ORA. These includes:

  • Ottoman Assaultmen - ORA's main foot soldiers.
  • Ottoman Medic - Medical Support.
  • Ottoman Scouts - ORA's scouting soldiers.
  • Ottoman Flame Trooper - Flame-throwing units.
  • Ottoman Elite Soldiers - Elite forces of ORA.
  • Any random Turkish soldiers - Confuses the creator because they appeared as any soldiers with Turkish flags around their bodies.
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Possible types of Ottoman Infantrymen

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Osmanlı Elit Askerler(Ottoman Elite Soldiers)

There are also appear in this model. However, they only appeared as any random Turkish soldier playermodels that confuses the creator.

Powers and equipments:

Most ORA soldiers armed with Fn-Fal. Sometimes there are some armed with random weapons such as SKS. One thing ORA has was a giant cannon named Mehmet II. This cannon can blown up the whole area with one shot.

Ctf doublecross0006

Mehmet II


  • Ottoman Empire was the creator's favorite Empire because they were well known about a hat called fez, which is his favorite hat.
  • Mehmet II cannon was named after the powerful sultan in 1453.
  • Ottoman army had ever used the biggest cannon in history. The creator have an idea to make the biggest cannon as ORA's main heavy artillery. 
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