Creator ShermanZAtank
Creation 8th May 2016
Type Enhanced human
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Determined, deceptive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced strength
Enhanced durability
Enhanced interrogation techniques
Weaknesses Lacks ranged attacks, no armour
Status Active
Occupation Peace Enforcer
Superiors Unknown corporate
Subordinates lower ranking enforcers
Enemies CyborScout (Alternate timeline)

Nero is an Australium enhanced TF2 Freak created by YouTube user ShermanZAtank.


Nero appears as a BLK vestless Sniper wearing black trousers, a black beard and cigarette.

Personality and Behaviour

Nero works for an unknown Australium corporation as a senior "peace enforcer" (neither a law enforcement official, nor a formal military figure like a peace keeper). To this end when dealing with the public, he displays a strong personal charm, attempting to gain favour and support from individuals in order gain information from them. In the event the individual is seen to be resisting or otherwise "disturbing the peace", Nero may become aggressive to the individual and resort to "enhanced interrogation techniques" (torture), with or without taking the individual into custordy. When fighting, he displays a calm but aggressive approach, relying on a high level of skill to deal with opponents in a non-lethal manner.

Despite working for the corporates, Nero firmly believes he is doing the right thing in enforcing peace and protecting civilians from so called "Australium criminals and terrorists". While willing to sacrifice a few to save many. He will not willing condemn innocents to die, unlike other parts of the corporates.

Powers and Abilities

Nero relies on his personal charm and enhanced interrogation techniques to attain information and relevant intelligence about his enemy's operations.

In combat he relies on his Australium enhanced body to defeat the opponent with non-lethal martial arts. The enhancements give him strength and durability bordering on super human, while his speed is also enhanced to a significant degree.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • While having significantly increased durability, Nero is far from immortal.  In addition he lacks any kind of ballistic protection.
  • Nero has no means of ranged combat and is vulnerable in any ranged engagement.
  • Nero does not initially attempt to kill his opponent, only doing so in situations where it is nesessary to survive.
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