Creator Simplenoise8
Creation July 2016
Type Metahuman
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Cold
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Anatomy Manipulation
Weaknesses Flesh is not that durable
Creatures are not so strong
Status Alive
Occupation Traveler
Enemies Venom

Mutatis is a GRY Medic freak created by Simplenoise8. He has a large grudge between him and Venom.


Mutatis was originally a RED Medic working at Turbine, they were a team that struggled against their BLU enemy due to the fact that their Pyro was very reckless. During a battle, they had planned a strategy that heavily involved the RED Spy. Due to the Pyro's recklessness however the plan failed and their Spy was killed, resulting in a large scolding from the other teammates to the Pyro. The pyro snapped and killed all of the team members except for Mutatis. Though he survived his face was disfigured and burned after the pyro's attack. Mutatis walked for hours looking for the pyro so he could avenge his teammates. He finally found a small group of GRN mercenaries who promised to help Mutatis if he helped them.

After some errands that he made they healed them with magic and also gave the location of the RED pyro Mutatis was looking for. The healing also gave him magical powers. He took on a new attire and dubbed himself Mutatis, found the pyro and killed him. After some time however he discovered that the pyro had returned as Venom and now he seeks to stop Venom from destroying things and to keep him in the underworld.

Appearance and Personality

Mutatis is a GRY Medic wearing the Gauzed Gaze painted Peculiarky Drab Tincture, the Colonel's Coat painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue and the Grimm Hatte painted Drably Olive. He wields a Claidheamh Mòr,

Mutatis means mostly well but is cold. To some he may seem cruek but he is only so towards those who oppose him. He is independent and doesn't often take sides. He has a big source of anger towards opponents who continously attack innocent people, mainy Venom.

Powers and Abilities

Mutatis main power is Anatomy Manipulation, he can control dead bodies and cut off bodyparts as well as creating walls of flesh to protect himself or create projectiles out of flesh to attack enemies. He is also skilled in bladed weapon use, he is known to use a Claidheamh Mòr that he can summon almost anywhere. With his Anatomy Manipulation he can also combine dead bodyparts to create bizarre creatures to use to attack his enemies.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • The flesh he summons can rather easily be broken through.
  • His creatures that he create are just slightly more durable than a normal mercenary, making them rather weak.
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