mr magic is a red pyro freak made by the fandom user bodyswapperr


he has the Skull Island Topper Cute Suit  Pyromancer's Raiments and the Bombinomicon

Personality and Behavior

mr magic is usually seen by merasmus obeying his every rule and when asked too attack he will he only follows merasmus's order and seems too act just like him

Powers and Abilities 

mr magic has many abilities such as bombs by pointing his staff in the air it makes bombs rain he also can use his staff to melee attack he can knock people out with it or scare people and last he can use the bombinomicon too give him a bomb head and explode people

Faults and Weaknesses 

mr magic like Horsemann follows all of merasmus's so if u disguise as merasmus he will follow your orders


mr magic was going too a heavy but then changed too scout and the finally changed too pyro.

mr magic was named the wizard but bodyswapperr was told too change it

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