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They are not reanimated SPY; rather, any corpses fed to the Mold provides enough fuel to construct the filaments of a Moldspy from its biomatter; enough Mold in an area can be reshaped into a Molded without a body, in this way, they are similar to the Leech Zombie. They are animalistic and relentless monsters who exist only to serve and protect their E-Type creator.

The Moldspy are tall, humanoid monsters, whose mutated bodies are incredibly flexible and are covered with (if not comprised of) the black, veined fungus that mutated them - beneath the flesh, bone structures and reddish organs can still be faintly seen. The head in particular melted into an incomprehensible, misshapen mass, save for two eye sockets and the massive, gaping mouth taking up most of the head. Said mouth can stretch to unnatural size, and is filled with enormous, spike-like teeth. Moldspy also have similar claws on the ends of their arms, which can slice through humans and even infect them. Their neck structure is heavily disproportionate to its head and has limbs that can stretch out from their bodies, which provide them with significantly more flexibility than humans.

The Molded have a significant degree of intelligence. Though they cannot facilitate communication through speech or writing due to their radically altered anatomy, they can sense and track down non-Moldspy even work in groups. Moldspy also have a degree of craftiness and resourcefulness, as they are known to navigate through vents and narrow openings to circumvent obstacles and utilize heavily molded environments as camouflage to ambush their prey. They lack the intelligence to interact with tools and contraptions, including basic functions such as opening doors; when confronted with closed/locked doors, they will swing wildly at the door instead of opening it or end their pursuit entirely.

The black mold that holds the Molded together is also very durable, capable of taking large amounts of damage and remaining intact. Despite this, a Molded is also much more inferior in internal bodily composition than that of a general Mutamycete infected human, as vital fluids, skeletal composition, and musculature have been irreversibly contaminated and mutated beyond healthy composition, and in turn has become reliant on the mold exterior to remain intact; should their exteriors reach their limits of damage, their internal organs are unable to maintain their structural pressure and immediately burst into a gunky composition.

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