Creator McBuster
Creation May 26,2017
Debut Pending
Type Wraith
Alignment Choatic Neutral
Attitude Eerie
Fighting style Long range
Abilities Body morph
Water/Ice Manipulation
Rapid Crawling
Warping magic
extreme hearing
Powerful Bite
Weaknesses Heat/Fire manipulation
Barely walks
Status Decreased(real body)
Occupation Father(formerly)
Ceiling Ghost
Allies Trumpet Scout(he doesn't know)
Enemies Trumpet Scout

Mirage is a eerie Soldier concept by McBuster and Kyuubiman3

His theme is Giygas's theme - Earthbound


He appears as a Soldier with a distorted face with no helmet and twisted fingers


Not much is known about his past other then being a father of one child and was working in the mines before his strange disappearance

Personality and Behaviour

He's a creepy and eerie to almost every person that seen him and he has a habit to turn into a eyeless RED Spy to interact with other people if they don't get frighten first.

He loves to eat food all the time and will go crazy even when he sees a Sandvish or Bonk! Atomic Punch.

He sometimes acts like a father to Trumpet Scout when he's not hungry he'll will try to interact with him

Powers and Abilities

Mirage can manipulate water and turn it to ice for Long ranged attacks and he can turn into a pool of water and boils anything that touches him

He can morph his body into a Eyeless Spy and he can also morph into water to hide and surprise his enemies

Mirage is very fast at crawling to catch up to his prey before eating them

Mirage has warping magic to distort the reality around him making seem like the world is glitchy, dark and twisted to make people sickened

Mirage's powerful can bite off half of a single Heavy in two and rapidly eats everything that he sees as food

Faults and Weakness

Mirage barely walks and is always seen crawling to his victims but when he does walk he's slower than a Heavy

He can be distracted by any type of food and letting his victims get away or have a chance to attack

Mirage is blind and can't see his targets without them moving or smelling them

Mirage's ice attacks melt very fast when near fire or heat leaving him only his bite to attack


Despite having being on The RED team he's actually Teamless

He can also turn into a RED Spy to trick near by people

Mirage is Trumpet Scout's real father

Mirage was inspired by The Guests from little Nightmares

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