Mine King
Mine King
Creator Simplenoise8
Creation August 17th 2016
Type Abnormal Human
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Greedy
Fighting style Melee, Countering attacks
Abilities Object Freeze
Paralysis Stare
Weaknesses Paralysis Stare is hard to use on quick moving enemies
Can't fight too well
Status Alive
Occupation Corporate Overlord
Subordinates Engine
Allies Engine
Enemies Droidneer

Mine King is a BLK Heavy freak conceptualized by Simplenoise8. He is one of the top businessmen in the Badlands and also probably the most corrupt one.

Appearance and Personality

Mine King is a BLK Heavy wearing the Security Shades, the Siberian Sophisticate painted After Eight and the Mann of the House.

Mine King is an individual driven by pure greed and almost only cares about profit from his companies. The only "people" he cares about is Engine, Melto and Dusk, his bodyguards and top workers. He doesn't appear to have any sort of caring side of his personality, however he can be quite energetic when excited about a victory of his. He doesn't appear to care about the environment as many of his factories pollute water and air.

Powers and Abilities

If it counts, he is at the top of the corporate ladder, having many companies and factories, specializing in mining, steampowered services, machinery hence "Mine" King. However he has the power to freeze objects and add properties to them, he can change their color, size even ignite them or make them explosive. His eyes are also abnormal, in that if he stares at someone without his shades on, he can paralyze them for a short amount of time.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Mine King's paralysis stare is hard to use if the target is moving quickly.
  • Mine King unlike a normal Heavy can't fight well and relies on his object freeze and paralysis stare.
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