Creator Xho
Creation 4 November 2016
Type Mimic
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Malleable
Abilities Directly copies the appearance of whatever it chooses
Develops powers of copy over time
Weaknesses Directly copies weaknesses of whatever it chooses
Immediately frail
Status Active
Occupation Mimic

Mimic is a Teamless TF2 Monster created by Xho.


Mimic truly has no form, and instead takes on the appearance of whatever it chooses - this can range between a simple hat, a crate or a direct copy of Nightmare Medic. Between transformations, Mimic appears to take on the form of a blankly designed class, indicative of what form it will take next.

Personality and Behaviour

True to its namesake, the form that Mimic takes on also directly copies the personality of its form - it could potentially copy the abstract personality of Soljah or the highly irritable nature of Dr. Teeem if it so wished. Along with its copy's personality, Mimic will also copy their behaviours, right down to their very gait and motion of breath.

Powers and Abilities

The very nature of Mimic is to mimic the identity of another Freak - however, this does not come with their powers at first. It is known that Mimic is able to copy the powers of Freaks but only by repeatedly assuming the identity of another Freak it has done in the past - for instance, it could not replicate Painis Cupcake's brute strength if it were to assume his form for the first time, although it could pose a similar degree of strength to Sentinel if Mimic has undergone this transformation multiple times beforehand. Since Mimic's choice of transformation seems to be entirely random, it is ultimately a roll of the dice as to whether Mimic copies a powerful freak (with developed powers) or not.

Mimic can potentially interchange powers with identities, although this takes a strain upon the form it has chosen. For example, Mimic can potentially combine Painis Cupcake's strength with a Scout's appearance, although the wiry frame of a Scout makes it difficult to perform feats of strength naturally without Mimic's disguise breaking down or altering. To further confuse would be assailants, Mimic sometimes undergoes the transformation of a Spy that then takes a disguise into another entity, and can do so ad infinitum to create an almost paradoxical power to avoid 'death' a thousand times over.

Faults and Weaknesses

Though its nature to take on the appearance of very powerful Freaks is often an intimidatory tactic, those that are willing to attack will find that Mimic cannot replicate the endurance of the identity it has chosen unless, as stated before, has taken this transformation many times beforehand. This will force Mimic into a retreat almost immediately unless Mimic has developed their powers over time. However, no matter how much Mimic can directly copy another's power, it cannot perfectly copy the intensity of truly abstract or supernatural powers.

Another core weakness of Mimic is that, similar to a Vagineer it is vulnerable to the powers of the Freak it mimics, and further intensifies when facing a Vagineer so much so that Mimic does not choose to transform into one. Mimic also cannot duplicate the identity of a Freak it has never encountered.

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