Mental Disordered Sniper is a mentally insane RED Sniper created by TeslaTitanicX.

Mental Disordered Sniper
MDS with scout head
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/10/2018
Debut Coming soon
Type Mentally disordered human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Mentally insane
Fighting style Random
Abilities Random
Weaknesses Random
Status Has died so many times
Occupation Scout Killer
Superiors Himself
Subordinates Droidekapyro
Allies Non-Scouts
Enemies Scouts

Appearances and Behavior

Mental Disordered Sniper appeared with Napoleon's cap armed with randomized weapons. He hates scouts and have them slaughtered since he think scouts are not worth to fit in the battlefield.

Powers and Weaknesses

Somewhat, Mental Disordered Sniper have seemingly limitless weaknesses like Stu Pidface and Demented Soldier.

  • Everytime he sees high-rank scouts, he lead himself into suicide unless he succeeded killed them.
  • Somewhat, he is mentally disordered.


  • He is almost similar as Demented Soldier since both of them hates scouts except Demented Soldier possessed on porn but Mental Disordered Sniper possessed on nonsense things.
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