Creator KingCobra7
Creation January 4, 2020
Debut Striker: Origins (As a Replicant)
Type Metahuman
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Cold, hostile
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Enhanced characteristics
Dark magic
Healing factor
High intellect
Biohazard Blutsauger
Weaknesses Light
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary (Formerly)
Superiors His general† (Formerly)
Commander Black (Supreme)
Pyreaper (Immediate)
Subordinates Soltron
His zombies
Allies Glaive
Enemies Striker

Medimancer is a BLK Medic TF2 Freak concept and the 3rd in command of Commander Black's forces. He was made by YouTube user KingCobra7.

His combat theme is Whack Him from Max Payne.


Medimancer was once an ordinary Medic who served a large BLU faction. He happened to be the highest ranked Medic in the entire faction.

One day, he was tasked by Commander Black to assist him with raiding a RED facility. He and Pyreaper lead the charge alongside their commander and held off the RED team. Medimancer then witnessed Black exit the facility with his new powers and watched as he brutally crushed the RED mercenaries. He also watched as he killed the BLU Sniper who attempted to assassinate him.

Several hours later, Black rallied his entire faction back to his main base, Medimancer included. He then killed them all after telling them his plan for world domination. Sometime later, Medimancer and the rest were resurrected as Replicants through use of the serum.

A few months later, he was tasked with working at the conversion lab, where he witnessed Glaive's creation and found it to be fascinating.

Another time, he was working at the main base when Commander Black suddenly instructed him to make his presence known. He then used a large degree of his dark magic to transform Medimancer into his current state, as the he needed another enforcer to command the Replicants. Medimancer admired his new powers, and has been serving as Black's 3rd in command ever since.

Appearance and Personality

Medimancer is a BLK biohazard-style Medic wearing a Templar's Spirit (entirely colored A Distinctive Lack of Hue), a Byte'd Beak (entirely colored A Distinctive Lack of Hue, with the exception of the eyes), and the Capillary Cleats (painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue). Under his mask, his eyes have red pupils and he does not wear glasses. He does not wear the backpack found on all Medics. Sometimes, his robotic dove companion "Dot" is perched on his shoulder. His voice is cold, metallic, and deeper than the average Medic.

With his mind poisoned by dark magic, Medimancer is a heavy-hearted and cold man who shows no regard for any living being, ally or not. Only on rare occasions does he rely on his allies for help, as he considers the Replicants "useless" due to their power in comparison to his. He especially gets frustrated with Uplink, and always curses at him with threatening insults. However, he knows he must not show this attitude in the presence of Pyreaper and Commander Black, due to their superior abilities and commanding authority.

He has an interest in dark magic, and has been researching about it ever since his transformation. He will do everything he can to further his knowledge of it's capabilities, seeing as it may benefit his allies and most importantly, himself.

As the most intelligent of Commander Black's enforcers, Medimancer calculates the best possible way of defeating his foes, and usually prefers to keep his distance from them while showering them with ranged attacks. He relies on his zombies to keep the foes distracted while he targets their weak spot.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dark energy blades.
  • Necromancy.
  • Biohazard Blutsauger.

With dark magic flowing through him, Medimancer is superior to common Medics, having increased Strength, endurance, speed, and durability. Also, being a Medic, his wounds are able to automatically regenerate over time. However, his dark curse has boosted this factor, allowing him to heal twice as fast.

He also possesses a large amount of dark magic, although not on par with Pyreaper. He uses this magic to take control of the battlefield in order to gain the upper hand over his opponent.

His most common offensive ability is summoning ubersaw-shaped blades made of dark energy in a similar manner to CyborMedic. He may fire them at his opponents like darts or utilize them in close quarters combat.

He also possesses the power of necromancy, and is able to summon undead mercenaries from the ground beneath him, as long as it is a dirt-like terrain. However, he rarely uses the zombies to actually kill his opponent. He mostly uses the zombies as either cannon fodder or a distraction, so he can strike back.

On some occasions, Medimancer has used a BLK biohazard-styled Blutsauger as a form of ranged combat. This weapon behaves like a normal Blutsauger, however, the syringes it fires are imbued with a strong venom which can slowly kill their targets over time, taking approximately 30 seconds to kill them.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Medimancer is susceptible to light-based damage.
  • He has almost no concern for his allies and will never rely on them unless they are more powerful than him. This makes Medimancer unreliable to others.
  • He can only summon zombies if the terrain he is present on is dirt-like, thus giving him a disadvantage if the ground below him is concrete, steel, etc.



Dot perched on Medimancer's arm.

Dot appears as RED Mecha-Medes (painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue).

Dot is Medimancer's loyal companion who he created himself. He is one of the few people who he actually trusts and can rely on.

Dot's job is to fly around the TF2 Freak World while spying on its inhabitants and gathering as much information about them as possible, so that Black's forces can take the necessary precautions needed to face them. He mostly spies on Striker and his team, as they are the primary enemies of Commander Black.

Dot possesses a cloaking device that allows him to go invisible while observing his targets and to stay out of view while doing it.

In spite of being excellent at spying, Dot is not very combat oriented, and can be broken or disabled by EMPs easily.


  • Medimancer's name is a portmanteau of "Medic" and "necromancer".
  • Dot was inspired by Laserbeak from the Transformers franchise.
  • As a normal Medic, he wore a Blighted Beak (Yersinia Pestis).

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