Creator McBuster
Creation 01/25/2017
Type Abomination
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Calm, Friendly
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Quick-Fix transform
Jump Shock
Heal Beam
SMG Mounted arm
Weaknesses Sappers
Energy drained
Status Alive
Occupation Hero
Superiors The Law
Allies Good Freaks
Enemies Evil Freaks

Medi-Fix is head of a Medic on a Quick-Fix made by wiki user McBuster

His theme is Metal Fox from Crash Bash


He's a Medic's Head on a Quick-Fix but when he's not as his ture form he looks like a normal Medic wearing Byte'd Beak and Platinum Pickelhaube.


He's mostly calm to nice people and will help people up when he's in his human form but as his Quick-Fix form he will heal those in dire need and he'll even put himself in danger to save someone else's life.

Powers and Abilities

  • Quick-Fix Transform: He can turn into a Quick-Fix and fly in the air or to hide from any Freak Hunters
  • Enhanced durability: he has more durability than a normal medic he can take more hits in a fight
  • Jump Shock: When he's charged and when he jumps he'll make a small shock radius on to stun His enemies
  • SMG Mounted arm: He uses it only in dire situations to shoot at his enemies and trying to protect others.
  • Heal Beam: He can heal people from both his hands acting like a quick-fix or medigun.

Faults and Weakness

  • Most of his attacks are weak and heavy attacks can break thought his durability.
  • Sappers drains his heal beam and stops him from turning to his quick-fix to escape
  • his smg can't shoot thought heavily armoured freaks or robots


Medi-Fix has been inspired by EngieSpark's freak American Dispenser

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