Creation 25 October 2016‎
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Friendly
Abilities Australium Absorption
Status Alive
Occupation Bodyguard
Allies RED Vagineer

McReaper is a BLU Soldier TF2 Freak.

His theme is Robots!-MVM theme.


Born from dead soldiers made be a RED Vagineer and made as a zombie And in return he's been his bodyguard for life

Appearance and Personality

He is a BLU Soldier wearing the Tin Pot and Exquisite Rack. He's friends with an unnamed RED Vagineer and acts as the Vagineer's bodyguard and will attack those who harm him.

His personality is mostly friendly and calm He only protect the vagineer wearing Industrial Festivizer and Face Full of Festive

McReaper weapons of choice are australium Black Box and Pain Train

They're mostly found in MvM maps or at home in 2fort

McReaper powers come from australium and regain Heath But burns out quickly so he use his trusty pain train To fight Weakness and faults

Not as stronger as the other freaks

Will not fight freaks out of his league

And as the same weaknesses as Vagineer

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