Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/12/2018
Debut TBA
Type Virus
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Malfunction
Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Four arms fitness

Malware cannon

Malware blades

Malware Absorbation

Weaknesses Anti-Virus softwares
Status At large
Occupation King of the Virus
Subordinates Possessed Mechanisms
Allies None
Enemies Other cyborgs and androids

Malware is a RED Pyro virus created by TeslaTitanicX. His theme is Call of Duty 1 Ending Music. He is main antagonist in The Virus Strikes Series.


He appears as a four armed pyro which is materialized with phoenix storm/wire/pcb red. He wears Triclops with orange painted and death support pack. He can absorb any objects, including mechanisms.

Powers and abilities:

Malware has four arms which is capable in martial arts. He also can make cannon from his arms to shoot at the distance, activated blades from his hands and somewhat, he can absorb into any objects.

Because he can absorb any objects, he can absorb into mechanism, such as tanks which he would use them as his weapon to destroy anything. He cannot be killed by shots, blades or even bigger rocks thumped him, means he can take the opponetns down easily. He is also immune to EMP despite he is also an android virus.

Faults and weaknesses:

Because he is a virus, any anti-virus software can cure the possessed mechanism that were done by Malware. These software's could be an advantage to opponents if they want to stop Malware.


  • This freak will be appear in alternative future.
  • This Freak is very similar to one of the main antagonist's in Ben 10: Omniverse, Malware, in terms of appearance and abilities.
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