Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Malaproper undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Creator Saris Khan
Creation 6 February 2016
Type Reality warper
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Determined, jovial
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Peak-human fitness
Weaknesses Fragility
Unreliable special ability
Status Alive (possibly died once or twice)

Malaproper is a PRL Sniper TF2 Freak conceptualized by YouTuber SarisKhan.

His theme is Rabbids Go Home - Batuta Din Moldova

Appearance and Personality

Malaproper is a PRL Sniper wearing the Crone's Dome and the Bushman's Bristles.

Malaproper is an erratic individual, but he means well. His goal is to rid the freak world of evil, though his powers make him a tad bit unpredictable, even for him. He boldly challenges every malicious Freak he encounters, regardless of their power. Notably, despite his seeming overconfidence, he throws a tantrum whenever his abilities repeatedly fail to summon anything of use against the enemy. This might sometimes lead him to attack the opponent with whatever it was that he has summoned, or even with his bare fists, which rarely ends well for him.

He tries to make friends with other good-hearted freaks, like Spyper or Soldine. But he may accidentally ruin said friendship due to him having little control over his summoning skills. Needless to say, teamwork is difficult as even Malaproper cannot predict his next move, and any attempts to support or impress his potential allies are more than likely to result in a disaster.

Powers and Abilities

Malaproper's signature power is Conjuration, that is the ability to summon objects at will (though sometimes he may accidentally summon things completely by accident). These range from inanimate objects such as crates or anchors, through more complex ones like an assault rifle, up to and including individuals. He might even summon another TF2 Freak.

Furthermore, he is capable of employing his power to teleport to a nearby location or even swap places with an object or another person.

He is surprisingly fit for a Freak who mainly relies on a magical ability. In spite of lack of proper training, he displays peak-human fitness.

Faults and Weaknesses

Malaproper's erratic special ability can prove too unpredictable, even for him. As he may accidentally teleport himself to dangerous places, summon a rubber duck as a weapon or even accidentally summon extremely dangerous Freaks like a Vagineer or Painis Cupcake, whom he obviously has no control over.

His physical fitness is impresive compared to a normal human, but lower than the average for a full-fledged TF2 Freak.


  • His name comes from the term "malapropism" which is defined as mistaking one word for the other, such as "He reached the pineapple of his strength".
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