Salute the hat, not the man, son.
Creator Cody D. Buni
Creation 10/05/2018
Debut Pending...
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Erratic, Narcissistic
Fighting style Short to Mid Range
Abilities Sensory Abuse (via his Guitar), Guitar Whack, Agility
Weaknesses Incompetence, Mediocre durability
Status Alive
Occupation Guitarist
Allies Harold Dumbbell
Enemies Dr. Schändlich, Urso
Maggothead (Real name: Doe Rhyfedd) is a bizarre BLK Soldier freak conceptualized by YouTube user Cody D. Buni.

Appearance and Personality

He appears to be a BLK Soldier wearing a casual jacket, Specless Spook Specs and a pink Bill's Hat.

Maggothead has one big interest: Alternative and Industrial Metal/Rock music. He spends his pastime playing his guitar while planning to make his own band and he's yet to find any members who are willing to join. Also, he tends to be narcissistic regarding his pink Bill's Hat due to obvious reasons.

Apparently, he seems to get along with Harold Dumbbell in some cases, specially for their erratic behavior and odd interests.

Powers and Abilities

While he's able to play his guitar, Maggothead will use it as a melee weapon during combat. Sometimes when needed, he'll perform Sensory Abuse in which involves playing his guitar very loud that it will cause the victim's head to explode violently or lose it's consciousness in close range depending on the latter's durability or distance.

Also, he tends to have a great agility, in which enables him to perform a flying kick or when charging towards someone.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • His durability is mediocre at it's best as he still can take any forms of damage as an average Soldier.
  • He's very incompetent, like for example: In some cases, he'll unintentionally break his fingers while playing his guitar way too fast or when using it to perform the Sensory Abuse, leaving him extremely vulnerable unless if he manages to reset them back to normal.
    • Or when jumping towards someone and the latter dodge his attack, Maggothead will end up injuring himself.
  • While immune to the Sensory Abuse on use, Maggothead can be staggered by his own ability if his guitar gets taken by anyone who uses it, with disastrous results to both.


  • Appearance-wise, Maggothead is roughly based off from an image of Nine Inch Nails frontman and Industrial music artist Trent Reznor wearing a pink beret, which be found here.
  • This freak uses Maxxy's Enhanced Soldier V3 model as his actual appearance. However, using the Resizer Tool or Advanced Bone Tool addons are required in order to make Bill's Hat fit on the latter's Specless Spook Specs and avoiding clipping at all costs.
  • While they're both guitarists, Maggothead has no actual relation to Gravy Guitarman. Even though the creator admitted that he's essentially a stronger counterpart, albeit with a whole different flavor and style.
  • His name is an obvious pun on metalhead.
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