Mordereish edited
Creator Neon_Inferno (DarkNeonInferno27 On YT)
Creation 15.4.2016
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Serious
Somewhat Cocky
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Melee training, Ranged weapon (Pomson 9000)
Tesla Coil in His Arm
Weaknesses EMP, Lightining/Eletricitiy Based Weapons
His Own Cocky Attitude
Status Undead
Occupation Bountyhunter and Mercenary

Mörderisch is an undead cyborg Sniper TF2 Freak and is another member of the Zomborgs. He was created by YouTube/Gmodder Neon_inferno .

His Theme is Star Fox 64 - Boss B and Star Fox 64 - Boss B 2


Mörderisch appears to be a BLU Sniper wearing the Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul, Corona Australis, Final Frontiersman, Headhunter's wrap, Teufort Tooth Kicker, Chronomancer and is equipped with a modified Pompson 6000.

Behavior and Personality

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight - By using jets in his boots he can fly, allowing him to fly or attack from the air.
  • Tesla Coil - Can unleash a charge through his arm to stun or kill enemies.
  • Pomson 6000 - Uses a modifed Pomson to able to knock out, stun or kill and vaporize a body from medium range.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • EMP, Electricity or Lightning based weapons will severely damage his robot parts or cause his weapon to short-circuit and be rendered useless for a while.
  • Coming into contact with water will also cause his weapon and equipment to short-circuit and become useless.
  • His own cockiness will often cause him to fight a opponent with a melee weapon instead of using his ranged weapon putting him at a disadvantage with a target with a ranged weapon.
  • His ranged weapons takes 5-10 seconds to recharge back up and is horrible at long range with the shot fired fizzling out half-way to its target.
  • His tesla coil in his chest can be targeted and if damaged enough can overheat and send charge through Mörderisch's own body, killing him.


  • Mörderisch's Voicelines actually comes from a boss in Star Fox 64 called Metro Crusher.
  • Mörderisch means murderous in German.
  • Mörderisch also is a boss from Freak Fortress 2 boss which was created by Neon_Inferno as well.
  • This is the TF2 Freakshow Concept Wikia's 400th article.
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