Lumberjack Heavy
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Creator McBuster
Creation 9/5/2017
Debut Fly Scout's Cleaning Adventure Part 1
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Goofy
Fighting style Short range
Abilities Fire Resist
Tree regrow
Axe usage
Enhanced Strength & Speed
Weaknesses Explosive attacks
being Gibbed
His intelligent
Status Alive
Occupation Lumberjack
Allies Chef
Enemies The Magic Demomen
Those who harm

Lumberjack Heavy is a RED concept by McBuster

His regular theme Fraaz- The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

His rare attack theme is Malevolent Magikoopa, Kamek - Paper Mario Sticker Star


Lumberjack Heavy appears as a RED Heavy wearing Outdoorsman and Apparatchik's Apparel wielding a Axe

Personality and Behavior

Lumberjack Heavy is a gentle person usually found in the woods or city selling his chop up wood to anyone wanting to make a campfire.

Lumberjack hates those who harm others and will get involved in the fight and will help the losing party in the duel expect if there evil.

In combat he turn from being nice, silly and goofy to a serious killing machine with a axe and after a fight or little brawl he'll be back to his silly self again saying "I am big boy hero" about his victory.

Powers and Abilities

Lumberjack Heavy is fire proof meaning he won't take any fire attacks from Pyros or fire based freaks but not lava.

Lumberjack Heavy can grow or regrow trees anywhere on people and robots which will or could crush them due to the weight of the tree or rarely turns them into the trees.

Lumberjack Heavy owns a very sharp axe that he made himself it's usually used for cutting wood or very evil freaks and it can easily kill regular Mercs.

Lumberjack Heavy is strong and faster then a normal Heavy he was able to push Captain Demo a few feet before he exploded and he can to this to other Mercs as well, how he does this is unknown.

Faults and Weakness

Lumberjack Heavy's body can be mauled, vaporized and explosive to kill him for a short time

Lumberjack Heavy is extremely weak against explosives attacks as he’ll be blasted by knockback or it could kill him with a well placed shot

If he's been gibbed as will as knock out it'll take him a while to get up and will be a easy prey for cannibals

And if he was killed by laser weapons that turn him into ash he'll take two days to respawn in a fully new body

He's own intelligent is his greatest weakness due to him being a crazy idiot and always doing things that would get him in dangerous situations.

Notable Videos

Video by the creator of the Freak

Fly Scout's Cleaning Adventure Part 1

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