Lord Tippler is the former leader of The Lotus and commander of Baldur's Gate armies. He was created by YouTube user: St Scotty.

His theme song is Epic Pirate Music - Davy Jones

Lord Tippler
Lord Tippler
Creator St Scotty
Creation 30th January 2018 (concept)
Type Swordsman
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Stern, Respectable
Fighting style Medium range to short range
Abilities Superhuman condition

Expert Swordsman

Soul Magic

  • Illusion
  • Telepathy
  • Energy Ball
  • Energy shield
Weaknesses Weak against long range specialist

Weak against Fragile Speedster due to his mobility

Limited magic

Status Alive
Occupation Commander of Baldur's Gate

Leader of The Lotus (formerly)

Subordinates Lady Buccaneer (formerly)
Allies White Rogue

Agent Southie

Enemies Lady Buccaneer



Lord Tippler is the WHT demoman with WHT Tippler's Tricorne, WHT Menpo, Juggernaut Jacket, and Batter's Bracers. His sword appearance is Iron Will from Nier Automata representing big blade. Before that he is ordinary RED demoman with forever red Tippler's Tricorne and Juggernaut Jacket.


Lord Tippler is known to be the deadliest and strongest swordsman ever live in outlaw Freaks. Training to be swordsman all his life, Tippler discovers the soul magic from Bombinomicon. Eventually he masters the power and began forming his own team known as The Lotus. Unfortunately, it's only short lived when his subordinate, Lady Buccaneer backstabbed him for power. This leads Tippler done being outlaws and form the new military special forces under WHT team known as Baldur's Gate. 

Personality and Behaviour 

Lord Tippler is always serious when it comes to manage his armies, crews, even when he's fighting against other outlaws. As leader, he doesn't like someone playing around or rather facing them one on one combat. He also has habit of sword fight against other blade users before using his power for trumph cards. Ironically, he is dangerous combatant even without his sword and magic attacks.

Powers and Abilities

  • Lord Tippler forms his energy ball under soul magic.
  • Lord Tippler's brainwash RED Heavy with telepathy under soul magic.
  • Lord Tippler's energy shield.
Lord Tippler is very dangerous individuals due to his soul magic and deadly swordsmanship. Absolute monster in combat, Tippler is strong enough to carry large blade and able to run faster than normal eyes can see while carrying it. However his dangerous power is soul magic. This enhance his durability and expand his powers including his telepathy. Under his mastery of soul magic, he can create destructive energy ball, energy shield and illusions known as Mirror Deceiver, primary used to play mind game with his opponent. If he wants the victim to live in exchange of joining his army, he brainwashes his opponent with telepathy. As such, Tippler is strong enough to take on dangerous Freaks one on one combat. 

Faults and Weakness

Even though he is powerful swordsman along with soul magic, he has limit. His soul magic only drains out if the power got misfire overtime. While he's fast enough to run with big blade, he is actually slower than Freaks with high mobility. In short, he can be possibly outmaneuvered or defeated by Fragile Speedster such as Major Scout Guy, Ass Pancakes, Ninja Spy or Energineer. Besides that he's weak against long range arsenals such as sniper rifle or rocket launcher can do damage against him without his shield.


  • Lord Tippler is insipired from many characters specifically M. Bison from Street Fighter, Nightmare from Soul Calibur, Dracule Mihawk from One Piece, and Darth Vader from Star Wars.
  • Tippler's name is refer to his cosmetic, Tippler's Tricorne.
  • Lord Tippler is technically a villain despite his neutral demeanour.
  • Although he's technically a villain, the only reason for bing neutral is because of his sense of honour as respectable fighter. Thus balance out his character as the side of good and evil.
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