Creator PumpkinJack6
Creation 6 September 2015
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Clumsy
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Lollichop Usage
Hard Candy Manipulation
Enhanced Agility
Status Alive
Occupation Lollipop Maker
Superiors Candymann
Allies Almondneer
Colonel Caramel
Bubblegum Scout
Marshmallow Medic
Gummy Heavy
Enemies Veganneer

Vegetable-based Freaks

Lollipyro is a PNK lollipop-loving Pyro TF2 Freak created by PumpkinJack6.

Appearance and Personality

Lollipyro appears as a PNK Pyro wearing the Pyro's Peepers, the Infernal Orchestrina, and the Lollichop Licker.

Lollipyro is a clumsy individual, who communicates with whistles, animal sounds, and sometimes visual gags, and has a penchant for doing things that would be illogical, yet always wanted to help bring joy to the world, and promote hard candy, mostly lollipops. He becomes aggravated when he's in close proximity of vegetables and vegetable-based freaks alike.

Powers and Abilities

When it comes to melee combat, Lollipyro's weapon of choice is the Lollichop. He uses it to whack opponents, and it acts like a boomerang when he throws it, flying back to his grip.

His significant ability is to manipulate hard candy, creating constructs, sentient beings, as well as barriers. His creations have good durability.

He also has enhanced agility, being faster and more nimble than a normal pyro.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Due to his low intelligence, his decisions and actions can lead to bad consequences, and be easily distacted by any means.
  • Despite their durability, his hard candy creations can be broken easily by freaks with immense strength.
  • Lollipyro has the same strength and endurance as a normal pyro.
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