— Loiter

Loiter is a BWN Spy created by ThatFireManaic.

His theme is Anything Goes (DIY Instrumental).

Creation ThatFireManiac
Debut None
Type Lag
Alignment Neutral
Attitude Friendly
Fighting style Bakom
Abilities Lag
Weaknesses Slow

Internet Connections

Status Alive
Occupation Lag
Superiors None
Subordinates None
Allies T3xture
Enemies None


Working for Mann.Co, this Spy was a Engineers assistant. One day, the engineer was assigned a project to build a bot, working day & night, after 1 year it was complete. He tested it out and it was a big help to the community. Something went wrong that day, the robot went rampant and destroyed everything in sight. The engineer try deactivating, he died when he tried. The spy then finished where the engineer started, in the fight he had a device the engineer gave him if he was in any trouble, the bot hit the device giving the spy lag of its malfunctioning.


Loiter wears the Intangible Ascot and the Nightmare Hunter.


He's really friendly to people, any person he meets really. He tries to find work, he is also a traveler so he works there for about 2 weeks and leaves.

Powers & Abilities

The lag is perfect for combat, finding several ways to dodge and attack. When he uses his lag, he can use different attacks. His Lag Slash is one of his most common attacks, he slashes the enemy and lags to hit them 1 to 2 times.

His Loiter Laggers are his lagging duplicates to help, they are the same person but weaker.

He uses this if he is fighting a gang, or a giant opponent, but that's for The Lagful Army. The Lagful Army are 5 to 10 duplicates or more, they can be killed in one hit and very easy to defeat.

Faults & Weaknesses

He may depend on power, but he really depends on his reaction time to any attacks. He is really slow in attack speed and can't use his attacks if he is anywhere near internet connection.


  • I has no trivia here
  • Loiter Laggers
  • The Lagful Army
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