Lazer Face
Lazer face 3
Creator Blastertronus
Creation Summer of 2019
Debut Vigilantes' Crusade: Chapter 5
Type Android
Alignment Lawful evil
Attitude Cocky
Fighting style Long Range
Abilities Omni-Directional Optic blasts
Master Marksman
Self Resurrection
Weaknesses Water and electricity
Arrogance & Overconfident
Status Died multiple time
Occupation Mercenary for hire
Enemies Punk-O-Nature

Lazer Face is a RED Sniper Created by Blastertronus, He serves as a minor antagonist in Vigilantes' Crusade

His theme is Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy OST - Future Frenzy


Lazer Face is a Red Sniper who wears The Galactic Headhunter set, Airborne Attire, and Archer's Grounding.


Lazer Face claims to be an alien bounty hunter from an alternate dimension where the Good freaks are Evil and vise versa, who hunted a down an hunted various extremely Dangerous Freaks across the Universe, but in reality he was a [Data Expunged] crated by Dr. █████████ for [Data Expunged]

Personality and behavior

Lazer Face is Pretty much full of himself, over confidant what he does, and is just an overbearingly cocky person. He Is very anxious eager to get into a fight, and he will do anything to get paid no matter how impossible it is, but because of this he tends to die a lot.

Powers and Abilities

  • Optic Beams - Lazer face can blast a form of energy that he fires from his one eyes as either a concussive force or a disintegrating energy which is capable of erasing anything that it comes in contact with.
    • He can also has pinpoint, lock, and control his Beams onto a target, his perfect aim allows it to travel in straight lines, bend, twist or curve until it hits something.
  • Self Resurrection - The guy dies a lot, but comes back unscathed the next day no matter on how gruesome the death is, It is likely that he either immortal, has a healing factor, or he can multiple, but it has never been seen.

Faults and weaknesses

  • Emps, Electricity or Lightning based weapons will severely damaged his robot parts or cause his Optic Blaster to short-circuit and be render useless for a while.
    • Water does the same thing.
  • His own General Attitude can to his biggest weakness, as he’s extremely arrogance and overconfidence which clouded his judgement and decision making which resulted him getting defeated or even killed.


  • Lazer Face has Several Similarities to the Undead Android Mörderisch, such as they both having similar appearances, cocky attitude and occupies as mercenaries. Though despite this the not at all related.
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