Lady Buccaneer
Lady Buccaneer full profile
Creator St Scotty
Creation 22nd August 2019
Debut Vigilantes' Crusade: Chapter 3 (Coming Soon)
Type Human with demonic arm
Alignment Chaotic evil
Attitude Strong, noble and confident but short-fused
Fighting style Short to mid range combat
Abilities Magic (via her demonic arm)

Expert swordsman and trident

Weaknesses Limited magic

Specialized in close combat

Status Alive
Occupation Underboss of Red Thugs Pack

Co-leader of The Lotus (formerly)

Co-commander of Baldur’s Gate (formerly)

Superiors Redbeard
Subordinates Red Thugs Pack members
Allies El Invicto


Jolene the Spider Queen

Enemies Slash Midnighter (ex-girlfriend)

Lord Tippler (ex-boyfriend)

Nude Silver Scout (archrival)

Kaeley Buccaneer is female demoman and underboss of Red Thugs Pack. She is the former co-captain of The Lotus and Baldur’s Gate. She’s also the former love interest of Lord Tippler and Slash Midnighter.

Her theme is Undertale Undyne fight theme – Spear of Justice


Kaeley Buccaneer is once the ordinary RED demoman before joining The Lotus later Baldur’s Gate alongside Tippler as co-leader. Their relationship going well until Tippler grows paranoid and ruthless through his leadership gone tyranny. Thus ending her relationship while quitting the faction. Eventually, Kaeley joins the Red Thugs Pack and become underboss while keeping the title to herself.


Kaeley is a female demoman wearing Buccaneer's Bicorne and red Dangeresque Shades. She also has The Aberdeen Armament attach her as her demonic arm.

Personality & Behavior

Kaeley is naturally hot-headed when it comes to battle. However, she's often shown to be strong and noble when it comes to her confidence. When she's losing the fight, she becomes desperate and reckless, losing the restraint of her morality.

Powers & Abilities 

Kaeley’s main ability is her demonic arm attached to her. This allows her to enhance strength, endurance, durability and mobility. 

  • Armament - Kaeley’s primary spell is her ability to summon weapons specifically her spears. This allows her to wield it for close combat or throw it like a javelin to her foe. She can also summon from the ground like spikes and use them as projectiles.
  • Red lightning ball - A close-range spell allows her to throw a devastating attack with massive damage at the cost of draining her magic and require to cool down. However, her red lightning is slower than average lightning speed.
  • Barrier - Her defensive magic allows her to tank against her opponent whether it will be soldier's rocket to warship missile. It's also a very strong defence against higher-ranking freaks.

Kaeley also carries a giant longsword at her back for close combat. Despite it's not coming from armament spell, it still enables to do serious damage and effective against demonic freaks.

  • Lady Buccaneer's Full View
  • Lady Buccaneer charges up her red lightning ball
  • Lady Buccaneer summons her red spears from the ground
  • Lady Buccaneer clashes with Slash Midnighter

Faults & Weakness 

Kaeley’s magic is limited to her demonic arm. If she's running out of her magic, she becomes defenceless. Her other weakness included:

  • Her short-fused often getting herself into trouble. 
  • Her use of red spear and red lightning can be avoided even for average scout which runs faster than average human speed.
  • The holy weapons are the only ones that can bypass her barrier.
  • Her armour and weapon of choice often slow her down against fast like a fragile speedster but make up for her durability advantage.


  • Evidently, Lady Buccaneer used to date Slash Midnighter through their conversation about their sexual relationship before moving onto Lord Tippler. However, their relationship made short-lived after succumb to their lust over a serious relationship.
  • Lady Buccaneer is inspired by Hindu Mythology, Kali the Destroyer. Her weapons, tridents and sword are referred to as the goddess’s weapon of choices.
  • Lady Buccaneer is the first female demoman that St Scotty ever created.
  • Lady Buccaneer originally plan to be a succubus, but later scrapped to create her nobler like warrior parallel to demoknight traits.
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