Krokadee bodyshot
Creator Doctor Spice
Creation 4/22/2020
Debut Vagipyro vs Krokadee
Type Tribal Waterdweller
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Feisty
Fighting style Close Combat
Abilities Claws

Fast swim speed

Immune to surface tension

Death Roll

Weaknesses Ranged attacks

Poor judgement

Status Active
Occupation Hunting
Krokadees are multi-teamed Sniper TF2 Monsters created by YouTube user Doctor Spice 

Their idle theme is Repentant and their attack theme is Divine Combat


Krokadees are anthropomorphic crocodiles in Sniper gear. Their skin can be in many different colors. Males are BLU, while females are RED.

Green Krokadee

A green-skinned Krokadee at the lakeside

Personality and Behavior

Krokadees are generally neutral to those outside of their tribe, but if hungry will instead become aggressive and eat whatever they find.

Powers and Abilities

Krokadees are armed with sharp claws that can easily rend flesh. They are much more dangerous in the water, however, as they can swim incredibly fast and, if biting a victim, will perform a Death Roll. The Death Roll is used to break up the prey's bones by violently spinning while latched onto their prey and can even rip limbs off.

Krokadee deathroll01

A Krokadee deathrolling a Vagipyro

They also have a strange ability that if even if falling from a great height, they won't be harmed only if they land in the water. This is because they can bypass surface tension.

Faults and Weaknesses

Krokadees have no ranged ability whatsoever, and because of how easy it is for them to catch normal humans, they tend to underestimate truly powerful opponents. They can also fall for disguises.


Deathrolling is used by real crocodiles.

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