Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Kobi-Yoro undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Creator Blasteroid
Creation 4 October 2016
Type Freak
Fighting style Long- to mid-range
Melee (When needed)
Abilities Florakinesis
Plant Projection
Plant Growth Acceleration
Weaknesses Fire
Inability to accelerate plant growth in areas that are not native to the area she is in
Status Alive
Occupation Member of Fortress Legion Squad-G
Superiors Fortress Legion
Subordinates Pluribus
Dr. Coffee
Unnamed BLK Spy
Allies Fortress Legion Squad-G:
Enemies Vida

Kobi-Yoro, sometimes shortened to Kobi or Yoro is a GRN Female Scout TF2 Freak with nature manipulation both created with the collaboration between n8five484 and Blasteroid.

Her normal theme is Seven Wonders while her battle theme consists of three songs The Chain, Rihannon followed by Dreams all by Fleetwood Mac.


She wears a light-GRN-colored Cool Cat Cardigan and Hero's Tail.

Personality and Behaviour


Powers and Abilities

Kobi has abilities that allows her to manipulate plant-life, even flowers surrounding her. She is able to accelerate their growth and projects them through the ground using her hands. She can also use them for many purposes, either as a form of defense for herself and her allies or to use poisonous or sentient plant-based lifeforms against her enemies, like venus flytraps that attack her foes at will.

Faults and Weaknesses

Because of her current experience with her powers, she cannot control, generate or grow plants in areas that are not native to her. As her control around the area is limited to a few, only be able to use the most nearby sources of life to defend herself. Fire or Ice users can be a particular threat to her because they can burn down or freeze her plants, even when she generates the plants, they can just immediately attack to prevent them to come to her aid.

Fortress Legion Profile


  • Kobi-Yoro was inspired by many different sources before and during its creation.
  • The revised version of Kobi-Yoro was based off varying amounts of inspirations.
    • Much of her personality is inspired by BurgerLord's version of Kobi, a character from a story, and the traits of both SarisKhan, Blasteroid and Kugawattan. The personality was also inspired by n8five484 wanting to taking unexpected turns.
  • Her name comes from the Japanese word Yorokobi which according to Google Translate, can mean joy (see above). The dividing of the word Yorokobi was made as joke that Blasteroid created single named Freaks though n8five484 put the dash between the two sepreated words after remembering Jun Mamoru.
  • Her origin story was made ambiguous and short in order to differ from the long and tragic origin found typical in a lot of Blasteroid's Freaks. n8five484 also made the accident unknown in order to avoid making the event modern as it was originally planned to be a car crash.

Notable Videos

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