Klone-Bot(s) are a WHT TF2 Freak(s) created by Youtuber Hellkry

Creator Hellkry
Creation 3.20.16
Debut Pending..
Type Ranged-Melee
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Obdient, Robotic
Fighting style Long to Short Range
Abilities Peak Human Durabillity
Enhanced Strength
Super Human Stamina
Identity Assumption
Weaknesses Very low intelligence
Status Being obident to Klone Master
Occupation Servering Klone Master
Superiors Klone Master
Subordinates None
Allies None
Enemies None


All Klone-Bots know and need to know is that they were created and serve their master, Klone Master.

Personality and Behavior

Klone-Bots are emotion-less unless told to be, they are cold and calculating and will put on fake emotions based on what form they take.

Abilities and Powers

Due to them being created by the great Klone-Master, they have hardened robotic exoskeletons and even hardened armor, making them extremely durable. They are much stronger than humans.

They have extreme stamina and can not get tired due to them not needing any energy. They come with a variety of weapons such as close counters weapons or even large explosive weapons. Klone-Bots based on their name they can take on forms based on what they see, meaning they can well, look like and act like whoever they choose.


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