King Pyragon
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Creator Youhadabadday
Creation 8/21/2017
Debut [GMOD] Don't Trust Pyragon!
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Malicious, Friendly
Fighting style Long Ranged, Melee, Indirect
Abilities Teleportation, Dimensional Travel, Soul Stealing
Weaknesses Fighting Inexperience, Water, Strong Opponents
Status Alive
Occupation Pyro
Subordinates Bearos

King Pyragon is a RED Pyro TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Youhadabadday.

His Passive Theme is Inside The Castle Walls - Super Mario 64 OST and his Battle Theme is Bowser's Rage - Paper Mario OST.


King Pyragon takes on the form of a RED Pyro with the cosmetic sets Burny The Pyrosaur and Wonderland Wanderer. He also wears the Class Crown and is equipped with a modified verison of the Freedom Staff.


Like Youhadabadday's other freaks, noone knows how Pyragon came to be. Currently, however, Rubberfruit has stolen one of his power sources, the Golden Rainball, and he is trying to get it back.

Personaility and Behaviour

Pyragon is very malicious, wishing to steal any soul he comes across. However, he hides this with a kind exterior. He only shows this malicious side when it's either too late for his victims, or he is in his homeland.

Powers and Abilities

Pyragon has the ability to use magic, though what exactly he can do with it is unknown. He also has the ability to teleport in and out dimensions. This allows him to get around quicker. He can also rip people's souls out of their bodies and take said souls to his homeland, where his past victims lay. He also has minions called Bearos that he rules over.

Faults and Weaknesses

Without his Golden Rainball, Pyragon is very limited in terms of magic, as that is where most of his powers come from. He also can't swim in water, because he never learned too. He is also very inexperienced when it comes to direct fighting, so he uses the Bearos as a scapegoat. These aren't the best minions, however, and strong freaks can easily get past them and get to Pyragon.


Don't Trust Pyragon!

A Royal Theft (Part 1)

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