Kebab Wizard
Kebab Wizard
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/10/2018
Type Wizard
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Defensive


Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Kebab staff
Status Alive
Occupation Kebab defender
Allies Fez Corsair

Commander Tarboosh


Fez Army Corps

Enemies Beret Terrorist

Beret Military Organization

Kebab Wizard is a WHT Soldier that is possessed by meme. He was created by TeslaTitanicX. His theme is Kebab Strong.


It all started when BLU Soldier was under attacked by GRN Team led by Beret Terrorist, he began to escape and never come back again. At his home, he watched an internet, 30 minutes later, he was being possessed by a man from the internet. He became the "Defender".

Appearances and behavior:

Kebab Wizard suppose to be appear as a WHT Soldier with a fez, Bosnian logo that replaced the soldier logo at both arms. He also wears The Commandos pants. He is seemingly defensive to kebab. He spend his life to guard the kebab of life from getting attacked by Beret Military Organization. The first time he met Fez Corsair, he can make an ally.

Powers and Abilities:

He is armed with a Kebab Staff that can creates magic. He can also summon a kebab shield to protect himself and nearby allies from even projectiles.

Faults and Weaknesses:

However, he is a little bit aged and sometimes he's weak without his staff.


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