Kalfu the Voodoo
Creator St Scotty
Creation 18th October 2019
Debut Vigilantes'Crusade: Chapter 4 (Coming Soon)
Type Undead
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Polite, Cunning
Fighting style Range specialist
Abilities Necromancy

Bone Magic (formerly)


Wood Magic (replace bone magic)

Weaknesses Easily overpowered in close combat

Weak against spiritual powers

Status Active
Occupation Puppet Designer (formerly)

German Medic (formerly)

General for Cult of Undead (formerly)

Alchemist shopkeeper (currently)

Superiors Cosmo Thanatos (formerly)
Allies Neuralyzer


Enemies Cult of Undead (former ally)

Dr. Buildinstein

Kalfu the Voodoo is the former puppet designer, medic, and general to Cult of Undead before becoming alchemy shopkeeper in Mann Manor while protect the secret of Alchemy book. He was created by YouTube user: St Scotty

His theme is: Arakune's Theme from BlazBlue.


While knowing he's the former general to Cult of Undead, Kalfu is a former puppet designer for ventriloquists before enlist into German Medic in Second World War. When he was killed by Soviet Sniper while trying to save frontline German soldiers, Cosmo recruited Kalfu and brainwash him to become his servant. During their invasion, Kalfu stays in Manndarin preparing for portals until he was confronted by Neuralyzer. Kalfu put up a good fight but ultimately defeated by Neuralyzer before freed by Scoutsy. Unaware the downfall of 7 heroes, Neuralyzer and Kalfu go separate ways. Eventually, Kalfu stays in Mann Manor and becomes alchemist shopkeeper after discovering the book that hold secrets to alchemy.


Kalfu is the undead BLK medic wears Bubonic Bedizen without hoodUncanny Undertaker and Grave Diggers Goatee while appearing with Second Opinion.

Powers & Abilities

Before serving the second war as German medic, Kalfu is already a master of crafting puppets and medic. After his power bestowed while conrtolled by Cosmo, Kalfu gains access to necromancy. This ability allow him to summon horde of zombies to fight by his side. When Scoutsy freed Kalfu from Cosmo's control and left the alignment, Kalfu ended up replace most magic including bone magic into wood magic. While he was freed and moving on his own path, Kalfu learns alchemy and creating minature vehicles and weapons for his puppets to access their weaponry. Thanks to necromancy, his abilities still intact as he can summons giant wooden hand or legs to crush or move heavy objects out of his path while replacing bone magic to redeem the path he done wrong. 

Faults & Weakness

Despite his path of redemption, Kalfu isn't perfect fighter. Due to his lost control of Cosmo, Kalfu is weaker than he once was as general. His attacks are also modified into wood magic to prevent lethality and generally used for self-defence over killing. In addition, he is known to be range specialist and can be overpowered by close combat or spiritual powers. Hence the reason Neuralyzer manage to defeat him before freed by Scoutsy.


  • Kalfu's power are references to Hana Hana no Mi devil fruit from One Piece and Bad Company from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Kalfu originally concept as tragic toy designer seek redemption for the life he taken as member to Cult of Undead, but make slight adjustments to avoid confusion after Pocketneer.
  • Due to his departure from Cult of Undead, Kalfu becomes minor threat to Freaks universe as mid-ranking freaks.
  • Kalfu's first debut concept can be found here in Vigilantes' Crusade (Novel) alongside Dr. Buildinstein, Thunderbolt and Thunderstorm.  
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