Javier Split
Creation 2017
Debut N.U.E
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Poor Choices
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Limit' Breaker
Status Active
Enemies Demo Ballseye Needs video confirmation

Javier is a RED Sniper made by Ladron

His theme is: Screwy Girl - Tara King Th.

Personality and Appearance

Javier is a RED Sniper with a red Bruiser's Bandanna, Golden Garment and a Classy Capper


Javier is a red Sniper that utilizes through dangerous tactics to get the job done.

Javier set out to koth_harvest at a full moon to kill some BLUs, overwhelming them as another freak arrived.

Powers and Abilities

Melee Combat: Javier is good with a Maul

Limit Breaker: For a very short amount of time. Javier embraces the deal he made with a demon to keep fighting. Enhancing his melee combat skills even more and brushing off more damage than before.


Limit Breaker has it's limits. For example he cannot use it again after the duration stops. If he does it too soon, the next ending duration may cause him to pass out, being more vulnerable to freaks. Or even death.

He is not good with airborne freaks or speedsters


Despite being on Red Team, Javier is not aligned with any color.

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