Jarate Spy
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Creator Simplenoise8
Creation 09-03-17
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Sarcastic
Fighting style Short-Mid
Abilities Jarate Punch

Jarate-port Jarate-Shield

Weaknesses Water

Hurt if Jarate-ported jar is broken Jarate-Shield is weak No ranged attacks besides Jaratangler

Status Alive
Occupation Judge
Jarate Spy is a YLW Spy freak conceptualized by Simplenoise8.


Jarate Spy's appearance is that of a YLW Spy that is permanently coated with Jarate. He wears a Paper Hat, Yellow Glasses and a bowtie (don't know the names).

Personality and Behaviour

Jarate Spy is not evil, but is very cocky and sarcastic. He laughs at his enemies a lot but does not underestimate them.

Jarate Spy usually appears in places where there is a jar of Jarate, but he can appear at other places as well. If there is a person there he will greet them and then determine if they are an imbecile or not. If he determines them okay he will be polite and shake hands with them before leaving. If not, he will call them an imbecile, coat the person in Jarate, laugh and sarcastically say "Good day to you!" before leaving.

Powers and Abilities

Jarate Spy cannot control Jarate as a liquid but can use it in other ways. One ability he always has is that he is immune to the effects of jarate.

  • Jaratangler: Jarate Spy carries a yellow wrangler called the Jaratangler, he can use this to spawn Jarate jars or grab on to them or shoot jarate as a liquid at enemies. The jarate that he uses is special, it will cause the same effect as with in-game jarate but amplified and it also blurs the vision of the affected person.
  • Jarate Punch: Jarate Spy summons a Jarate jar into his hand a punches his enemy fiercely. This does not only cause the jarate effect but the glass from the jar flies out which can hit the enemy and cause them to bleed.
  • Jarate-port: Jarate Spy can teleport into Jarate jars, regardless if he spawned them or someone else has them. He can stay inside the jar for however long he pleases but he can leave out of them.
  • Jarate-Shield: Jarate Spy summons a wall of Jarate jars infront of him, these jars are slightly more durable than regular ones and the walls have two layers of jars.

Faults and Weaknesses

Jarate Spy is damaged by water.

Jarate Spy is hurt if a jar he has teleported into is broken.

The Jarate-Shield can be broken easily by strong ranged attacks.

Excluding the Jaratangler, Jarate Spy has no ranged attacks.

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