Creator Icy guy2
Creation 2015
Debut Ironus: Origins
Type Cyborg - Electro-Magnekinetic/Electrokinetic
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Hostile
Fighting style Close-ranged
Abilities Heavy armor
EMP and electricity manipulation
Status Alive
Occupation Serial killer
Enemies Humans

Ironus is a GRY Demoman conceptualized by Icy guy2. Ironus wears the Iron Sight, Bushi-Dou, and Juggernaut Jacket.

His combat theme is Battle of Hoover Dam - Fallout: New Vegas.


Many years ago, Ironus was once a regular Demoman. His team, desperate and continually losing, did an expiriment; one person from their team would be granted cybernetic implants to enhance their physical attributes. Ironus (then known as Duke Kamindra) accepted it, and became a part of the seemingly benevolent expiriment.

Although the makeshift expiriment was technically a success, Duke eventually awoke enraged. The team was no match for the hostile cyborg, and completely fell when their leader was brutally killed. Dubbing himself Ironus after his implants, he started his quest to kill all humans.

Sometime later, he came across the mercenary Frosty. Mistaking him for a fellow cyborg due to his armor, he befriended him and subsequently helped him on his current mission.

Personality and Behavior

Ironus has a burning hate for all humans. He views them as worthless, repulsive and completely ignorant. He kills every human he can find, and feels no remorse for those he has killed. In fact, the more violent the kill, the better the kill. His hatred probably arose due to the sickening expiriments performed on him.

However, he acts suprisingly friendly and extroverted towards his fellow cyborgs. He also appeares to show sympathy towards robots, and acts neutral and indifferent towards aliens and animals.

Powers and Abilities

Clad in a heavy iron armor, Ironus is extremely tough. He is able to withstand massive amounts of damage, including two dozen explosions.

Unlike most cyborgs, he does not have a weakness against EMPs, in fact he is actually empowered by them. He can absorb EMPs and transform it into electricity, a process which he seems to gain a boost of stamina from. Ironus is able to manipulate electricity, however he does not use it in combat. Instead he uses it to control machines or empower weapons with electrical currents. He uses the latter ability to electrify weapons, giving them a stunning effect in combat. He primarily uses this on his Eyelander, the only weapon that he consistently keeps around.

The former he uses on robots or machines, giving him (at least to a degree), technokinesis. He can rewire their programming, and he may also electrify them to increase their stamina and efficiency in meele combat.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Due to his armor, Ironus attacks slowly and clunky, so speedy opponents can easily avoid his attacks.
  • Despite it being very durable, his armor is not indestructible, as enough force can break it, and enough damage can make it fall apart.
  • Due to his belligerence, Ironus charges head-on into battle, disregarding the opponent's strength. This makes him a horrible tactician, and has nearly gotten him killed on several occasions.

Notable Videos

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