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Creator St Scotty
Creation 4th September 2019
Type Half-Spirit
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Calm and headstrong but vengeful
Fighting style Close Quarter Combat
Abilities Flight


Supernatural Vision (Telescopic Vision)

Enhanced Swordsmanship

Supernatural condition

Healing Coma

Weaknesses Magic users

Other spiritual freaks can harm or potentially kill him

Status Alive
Occupation Underboss of Red Thugs Pack
Superiors Redbeard
Subordinates Red Thugs Pack members
Allies Lady Buccaneer

Jolene the Spider Queen

El Invicto

Kitsune (sister)

Enemies The Physicus


Dr. Buildinstein

Inuldier is TF2 RED soldier working under Red Thugs Pack as underboss and their eyes of the sky. He is created by YouTube user: St Scotty.

His theme is Soul Calibur - Duelist (Mitsurugi's Theme)


Inuldier appears to be wearing Hidden Dragon with Kitsune-Tsuki V2 and Commando's Coverup, Shogun Safeguard, and Shogun's Shoulder Guard.

He is carrying two average katanas with blood stains known to be spirit swords.

Power & Abilities 

While a warrior-like samurai, Inuldier is a half-spirit descendant from yokais couples, Inugami and Kitsune. While descendant of the gods, Inuldier possess half-spirit ability such as flight and teleportation. He also posesses supernatural condition where he has supernatural endurance, strength and reflexes. However, his unique feature of his physiology is his vision. This allows him to objects or numbers at long distance even to another city with ease. He also gains healing coma, which allow him to heal during meditation or mortal wounds from any ordinary weapons. Despite his abilities, his greatest assesst his uses of katanas. Unlike average katanas, his blade got blood stains on them which commonly refer to spirit katana. These katana allows Inuldier to increase the damage of his attack the longer he stand in the fight at the cost of his cooldown upto 30 seconds if he didn't cut anyone within next 10 seconds.

Faults & Weakness 

  • While scientific weapons might only work to incapacitate him, Inuldier can be easily harmed by any magic attacks regarding the user's spells specifically target ghosts
  • Even if he can killed by ordinary weapons or technology, he will eventually falls into coma for healing process over death. However, it might take a week to fully recover even if it's fatal
  • Inuldier can be killed by other spiritual freaks specifically freaks like Reaper or Avatar.


Kitsune is Inuldier's younger sister appear to wear green uniform contrast to her affiliation with Saintville as part of Saint Pirates. Appear to be GRN femscout with green Widow's Tail wearing green Kitsune-Tsuki V2 and green Red Socks while arming with her spiritual kunai. Unlike her brother, she does not possess telescopic vision but rather skilled unarmed combat, dagger proficiency and supernatural speed. However, she suffers coma after her insulted defeat from Dr. Buildinstein.


  • Inuldier and Kitsune are reincarnation of yokais, Inugami and Kitsune respectively.
  • Despite getting his name inspired fromthe dog god, Inuldier is roughly inspired by Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur series and Heimdall from Marvel Comics
  • Despiten working with different affiliations, they are actually pretty close as siblings.
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