Interesting Spy
Creator Xho
Creation 2014
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Cold, determined
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Martial prowess
Metahuman characteristics
Status Alive
Allies Thrax
Bob and Bob
Enemies Pavor Nocturnus

The Nameless Spy, known more commonly as the Interesting Spy is a BLU Maskless Spy Concept created by Xho, and is part of the Pavor Nocturnus continuity. He wears the Downtown Sleuth set. He is the Pavor Nocturnus equivalent of the Freak of the same name, Interesting Spy.


Interesting Spy, in his profile, is actually anonymous. One of the most elusive Metahumans in the world, he comes from a time before Pavor Nocturnus, and thus is much older than he looks. Many rumours surround Interesting Spy's history - that he was a military experiment created by precursors to Pavor Nocturnus who underwent cryogenic sleep, or is a decades (perhaps even centuries) old mercenary who has fought against Pavor Nocturnus every step of the way. He assembled his current team of mercenaries not too long before the present day, and there are no historical links to any former teams he may have been a part of. Others say that he was perhaps a Metahuman engineered by The Employers, though Interesting Spy himself has given no indication of his origin. He is also the subject of interest to the Apparition, of where the moniker Interesting Spy comes from.

Personality and Behaviour

Driven by years upon years of trying to uplift a dystopian world, Interesting Spy has ironically become detached from the world in doing so. His mercilessness against Pavor Nocturnus is notorious, and has gone to almost self-destructive ends in ending wherever the paramilitary group arises. Nevertheless, Interesting Spy is in a constant state of conflict - while he himself is a man of many codes and has a sense of honour, his interaction with the Apparition pushes him closer and closer to the edge of insanity.

Powers and Abilities

One of the few individuals in the present day with no technological enhancements, the origin of Interesting Spy's powers are as mysterious as the origins of Interesting Spy himself. Possessing Superhuman Strength, Agility and Stamina, Interesting Spy is granted with enough power to go toe-to-toe with many of the Pavor Nocturnus operatives and succeed. He is able to survive impacts and falls that would otherwise kill a normal human.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite his powers, Interesting Spy falls only slightly above the middle tier of the Pavor Nocturnus continuity. Though strong enough to combat Pavor Nocturnus operatives, he himself is nowhere near strong enough to face opponents such as Nox, Juggernaut or Titan, and lacks the necessary resilience to deal with the weight of their impacts. His additionally unique weakness is his reluctance to act on a more destructive level, of which is constantly tested by the Apparition.


  • Interesting Spy's current costume was a derivation of the Apparition's appearance, which was in turn inspired by Spu's appearance.
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