Creator Pow
Creation 28/11/15
Type Cyborg Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Joking but can be serious when needed
Fighting style Medium-range, stealth
Abilities Tranquiliser Gun
Stealth and Shrink
Weaknesses Weak
Status Alive
Occupation Spy
Superiors Black Star
Subordinates Pulsars and Quasars
Allies Excelsior
Golden Luke
Enemies Red Olona's crew
All other Freaks

Infiltrator is a BLK Scout TF2 Freak made by Pow.

His theme is Audiomachine - Sun and Steel.


He was created by Black Star and Lehen Metal as the first intergalactic henchman to hunt down Red Olona and his allies. Later, when Excelsior was created, they were both assigned the same mission.

Appearance and Personality

Infiltrator is a BLK Scout wearing the Feet of Engineering, Distinctive Lack of Hue-painted Digit Divulgers and Death Racer's Helmet and a light black-painted Big Mann on Campus.

Infiltrator, unlike his mission partner Excelsior, is extremely joking, almost childlike, taunting his opponents at any given opportunity. But when he has to do something whilst undetected he is extremely serious, barely speaking a word. Once he is out of earshot with hostiles however, he'll start taunting.

Powers and Abilities

Infiltrator, as the spy of Black Star's army, has several abilities that let him roam undetected.

He has enhanced agility and speed, so that he can cross distances quickly.

His main weapon is a tranquiliser gun. It fires completely silently and can cause most opponents to fall to sleep for enough time for him to evade them. He is also armed with (what appears to be) a Rescue Ranger that fires sniper rounds for when he needs to actually kill someone.

He can also turn invisible. For viewer's sake he will appear half invisible but most humans and Freaks will not see him at all. He can cloak and uncloak silently as an added bonus.

He also has a rather interesting ability. He can use his cybernetics to shrink himself to a third of his original size. During this time his agility and speed gain a boost, as well as being able to fit in small spaces that he can't normally reach.

  • Tranq. Gun.
  • Stealth.
  • Shrink.

Faults and Weaknesses

Infiltrator is severely lacking in durability and physical strength. His helmet offers some protection but he is still approximately as physically durable as a Scout.

His tranquiliser gun cannot cause any kind of mutant to fall to sleep, such as Vagineers.

Infiltrator cannot be shrunken and invisible at the same time, and being shrunken dramatically lowers his already meagre defense.

Freaks such as Excelsior can detect his stealth. Akin to a Cloak and Dagger, his stealth can expire if he keeps moving and he cannot attack while invisible.

When he makes himself smaller, after 30 seconds he will grow to normal size again. If he does this in a space that his normal self would not fit in he will likely die.


  • Alongside Excelsior, he was set to appear as one of the two major quinary antagonists in the Garry's Mod series Red Olona before its cancellation.
  • Despite Infiltrator being made in canon first, Excelsior was the first to be conceptualised.


Coming Soon.

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