Human Artillery is a GRY Heavy TF2 Freak made by Blasteroid

Human Artillery
Creator Blasteroid
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Fighting style Combinations of various weapons
Abilities Weapon Assimilation
Ammo/Weapon Absorbtion
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Endurance
Weaknesses Low speed
Powerless without weapons
Elemental attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Superiors Helena Gong
His theme is Dormammu's theme from Marvel vs Capcom 3


A former defected soldier who once particpate in the war with Beauregard Barett (A.K.A Volcanus), Douglas Howard out of jealousy to Barett's accomplishments, decided to end his career and switch onto iilegal actions as a mercenary, discovering his rival is not just a Freak but also himself, Douglas seeked a job of being hired by Helena Gong with his role as a member of her Freak squad, wanted to get his vengence on Volcanus, he took the name of "Human Artillery", known for being a living and walking arsenal of weapons, ready to mow down those who dares oppose him, including his rival.


Douglas wears the Bullet Buzz, GRY Heavy Lifter and Cuban Bristle Crisis.


Douglas have no problem of doing his work as a mercenary, as he mainly do horrible things just for the fun of it, and also for profit.The main thing that made him who he is now was his rivalry with Volcanus, in which he was awarded a medal and also respected, while Douglas was not when he actually helped in the war, due to this, jealousy and hate consumes him as he wanted to become better than Volcanus ever was, seeking attention and fame, wanted those who knew Barett to know he has defeated him, however, he does often switch sides when he can't win against someone, making Douglas an ally and a traitor depending on his current condition.

Powers and Abilities

Douglas, true to the name "Human Artillery", he could absorb weapons and stores them in his body, allowing him to deploy them through his several body parts, such as having a machine gun leg, or a rocket arm, or actually spit bullets through his mouth, his most known/commonly used weapon is a cannon that he deploys through his arm when he needs to destroy an area quickly.

Faults and Weaknesses

He is strong, but fragile against elemental attacks, due to his vulnerability to being burned or shocked by electricity, his slow speed as a heavy making it easy to outrun him, his weapons does ultilize actual ammo, which requires him to find ammunition and absorb them to "reload", due to this he is powerless without weapons, and could only use bare fist or find spare weapons around the area to gain an advantage.


His overall background and rivalry is inspired from Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) and his former rivalry with Captain America (Steve Rogers).

The idea of his ability to assimilate weapons is created by having a character who can actually deploy them without being a cyborg.

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