Howler the Soul Slayer
Creator NovaSector
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Calm
Violent (In combat)
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Critical Boost
Soul Manipulation
Stone Curse
Status Active
Occupation Demonic Lord
Superiors Antier Scout
Subordinates The Legion
Enemies Nova the Creator
Judgment Order

Howler the Soul Slayer is a BLK Sniper TF2 Freak created by NovaSector5102


Howler used to be a normal sniper working for RED, but due to his lack of confidence, he didn't go out to the battlements very often, and as result, he was kicked out. Out of desperation, he looked for power and a way to boost his confidence. This path lead him to meeting Antier Scout, granting him his wish by casting a curse over him, causing him to transform into a powerful demon and gained the title Howler the Soul Slayer. Now he follows Antier Scout's every step into the darkness and his plan to resurrect the demonic lord Morlin.


Howler wears the Dark Helm, the Final Frontiersman and the Criminal Cloak. His eyes are green and he wields the Scotsman's Skullcutter.

Personality and Behavior

Howler is a calm and wise man, but can be rather aggressive and violent in combat. He is also in quite a rush during battle, wanting to end it quickly, but seeing it as a game too, finding it fun to toy around with his opponent. He rarely shows respect towards "lower" lifeforms, being quite rude towards humans and other freaks.

Power and Abilities

Howler's main magical ability is called Critical Boost, allowing him to boost his power to the max if he wishes that. He also posses a stone curse which is cast once those who are in his presence lack confidence, causing the victim to turn to stone within seconds. This curse can be undone by killing Howler himself in combat. He's also capable of soul manipulation, being able to force someone's soul out of their body if they are incapable of fighting any longer.

Faults and Weaknesses

Howler's main weakness his is insane amount of confidence, causing him to think very highly of himself and thinking the fight is already over before it began. This can be used against him, catching him off guard if his opponent if stronger than him. He is also not immune to his own Stone Curse, meaning if he lacks confidence he will turn to stone himself.


Howler's inspiration came from the powerful Galand of Truth from the Ten Commandments from the Seven Deadly Sins.

Howler is aware of the fact he isn't immune to his own curse, meaning it will be difficult to decrease his confidence.

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