horsemann is a blu undead demoman made by the fandom user bodyswapperr


he is a blu demo with a flaming Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head Voodoo-Cursed Demoman doll and the Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down he is usually seen with the head taker

Personality and Behavior 

horsemann will usually only come on halloween but if the headless horseless horsemann tells him too go he will. headless horseless horsemann is his master

Faults and Weaknesses

horsemann will only do stuff if he is told when he isnt he is mindless he just sits there meaning when not told he can be beat up. he also only follow headless horseless horseman so if u disguise as him u can tell him too cut himself, jump off a building, etc.

Powers and Abilities 

horsemann can cut u open by a swing of his axe by a few hits u will be dead he can also throw it for a final attack but if it isn't a final attack he can barely hurt u without the axe although he has random crits soooooooo either way ur dead. he also has a scare ability by using this he will scream in the air by using this he will scare anybody in 90 mile radius. he can also scream (howl taunt)


when he scream there are different powers depended on the sound

loud laugh: summons the headless horseless horseman

Download (19)

high pitch: teleports too a random place

normal: makes a ring of fire

backwards: reverses all scratches and wounds from him

low pitch: teleports u too a random place away from him

loud backwards: summons a ghost vagineer

quiet: makes him fake death (same effect as the dead ringer)

bass boosted: summons a random freak


horsemann was originally not going too have a voodoo or flames but changed will making the infobox twice

he was originally going too come out on halloween but i got inpatient

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