Creator FP2P
Creation 7th of September, 2018
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Extrovert, unstable
Fighting style Short to mid range
Abilities Super jump and stomp.

Enhanced agility.

Modified nail gun.

Weaknesses Low resistance and endurance.
Status Alive
Occupation Flanker of Freaks for Hire
Superiors Tres Bon (Leader)
Allies Demoparrot, Gran Heavy, Stunman, Tickles

Hop is a RED TF2 Freak Engineer created by FP2P. He is an active member of Freaks for Hire.




Hop appears as a RED Engineer using a Gunslinger and wearing an Engineer's Cap, a Safe'n'Sound, a Special Eyes (Team Spirit) and a Merc Medal. The last one is used by the rest of his team.

Personality and Behaviour

Hop's main characteristic is his extroversion, behaving in a crazy and somewhat unstable manner regularly. Unlike his partner, Demoparrot, he doesn't act like a bufoon, he is just hyperactive, making him seem more like a sociopath rather than a mercenary. Despite this information, he mostly acts this way during a battle. When he isn't fighting, he is like a regular Engineer (More kind and comprehensive), respecting and caring about his teammates.

Powers and Abilities

Hop is extremely agile, more than the rest of the Engineers. Being his main ability his super jumps, that allows him to jump long distances and great heights, making him a difficult target. If this wasn't enough, he can stomp his enemies after his jump ends, causing considerable damage. When he isn't jumping, he is armed with a nail gun, that like Tres Bon (M4 and Desert Eagle) and Stunman (Double Uzis) weapons, is modified to cause more damage to most resistant threats.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Despite Hop's versatility, he is just as durable and resistant as a regular Engineer.
  • While he is jumping, he becomes even more vulnerable to damage.
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