Hero Scout is a Female Scout, presumably in the BLK Team. Though this isn't offical.

Her theme song is Trapt - Headstrong

Apperance and Behavior

Hero Scout dons a Death Racer Helmet, Orion Belt, and Forest Footwear. All are painted in Black. 

Hero Scout is a Female Scout, that dosen't wear Hand Wraps, The Hand bag, nor the stock scout shoes.

Her attitude at times can be Extremely Harsh, mainly cause she's Blunt when speaking to people. Though, she sometimes gets extremely flirty when drunk. (We don't talk about this.)


Hero Scout is a Freak who hunts for money, or 'game' as she calls it. Though if in a good mood, will avenge-revenge-kill anyone she wants (as in kills people who she feels are just a waste.) Hero Sco
Hero Scout VS Sewer Medic

Hero Scout with her Modified SMG, aiming towards Sewer Medic

ut was born during the Pendulum Wars, and grew up as a Street Kid. She was a runaway, that ended up becoming a part of a gang. She'd proceed to Destroy this gang from the inside out 15 years later. Hero Scout's Mercenary date is un-known, she currently has only 5 different deals, getting 4 of 5 done. The last one was to fight 'Sewer Medic ', and failing horribly.  

Fighting Style and Weapons

Hero Scout fights from Any Distance, though she isn't as quick thinking- she has the reaction time to buff this "slower thinking". She uses a Modified SMG, and an Awper Hand. Though she isn't the best with close combat, Her accuracy with said AWP is "Great". Her Modified SMG Fires less bullets, but with a more controlled fire rate. Needles to say, she's a big distance player- but can fend her own in close combat. 


She only has one Power, and it has to do with not having to breathe-- To steady her accuracy perfectly. Though she dosen't have to breathe- she cant do this for so long, cause then it will Ironicly suffocate her. 



  • Hero Scout uses an Awper Hand, a similar weapon in a game known as Counter Strike:Global Offensive.
  • Hero Scout really likes gummy bears.
  • Hero Scout has a long time rivalry against the GLD Team (soon to be linked)
  • Hero Scout's Modified SMG Is actually an error with how the scout hold's the sniper's SMG In Garry's Mod
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