Helldier (Official)
Creator St Scotty
Creation 22nd January 2018 (Concept)
Type Undead
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Ruthless, Relentless
Fighting style Mid-range to short-range
Abilities Enhance swordsmanship

Undead Physiology

  • Supernatural Endurance, strength
  • Immortality
  • Healing Factor


  • Telekinetic Pull/Push
  • Telekinetic Choke
  • Telekinetic Maneuver

Advance Flamethrower

Level 8 Mental Barrier

Weaknesses Acid (can overtax his healing factor)

Can be killed by other undead

Mental can be restored if barrier is destroyed

Status Undead
Occupation Cult of Undead as Second-in command
Superiors Queen Doe (True Leader)

Cosmo Thanatos

Subordinates Cult of Undead members
Allies Cult of Undead
Enemies Saintville

Council of Order

other Freaks

Helldier is an undead soldier of RED TF2 Freak and second-in command for Cult of Undead. He is created by YouTube user: St Scotty.

His theme is the same with his organization: Dead Rising Cliff Hudson's Theme.


Before he was Helldier, he was once RED soldier fighting with RED sniper , whom just happened to be his best friend. Unfortunately, when he overheards one of BLU loudmouth's scheme on sniper. He realizes the only way to win is he must be slain by sniper in order to reveal the truth. Eventually, RED soldier was killed by RED sniper and reveal the truth about BLU's actual plan for his dying breath. After he died, he was ressurected by Cosmo in Hellstone as undead. Cosmo explains his action of bravery will be more valuable to the team. Although RED soldier reluctant to join the team, Cosmo brainwashes him, turning him into the pawn of his scheme. Eventually, Cosmo places him under second-in command for invading the world of Freaks. Thus, Helldier was born.

Appearance and Personality

Before he was undead, his appearance is standard soldier. After his death, Helldier turns to undead appeareance wearing Sgt. Helsing clothing pack. In update, Helldier is BLK zombie wears Coldfront Curbstomper, Hellhunter Headpiece, Mercs Mask, Villainous Visage, Ghoul Gibbin’ Gear, Caped Crusader.

Before he was Helldier, he is calm and actually merciful but due to Cosmo's brainwashing ability, he became relentless and ruthless general.

Powers & Abilities

Helldier is an expert swordsman and hand to hand combat. Unlike regular soldier, Helldier doesn't carry rocket launcher or shotgun. Instead he wields dual melee weapons under his axe and short sword known as Bael and Degon respectively for close combat. His power besides swordsmanship include:

  • Undead Physiology - grant him supernatural endurance, strength and immortality.
  • Advance Healing Factor - Being undead grant him huge advantage for healing factor and able to reattach his limbs including his head. 
  • Telekinesis - Helldier can telekineticly pull/push, choke, and alter projectiles' direction with telekinetic maneuver
  • Advance Flamethrower - His flame thrower is so dangerous it can burn faster than acid burn
  • Level 8 Mental Barrier - due to Cosmo fear of restoring him for being brainwashed, Helldier is installed with Level 8, the most powerful barrier for advance telepathic users.

Faults & Weakness

Although he is dangerous with healing factor, Helldier can be overtaxed by acid. It won't kill him with a barrel but it will slow his healing factor for his opponent to have their advantage. Helldier can be killed by other undead being due to side effect of dark magic. However, because of mental barrier, Helldier can be restored back to normal RED soldier personality if the mental barrier somehow destroyed.


  • Helldier is actually born and died on October 29th
  • The name Helldier is reference to Hellsing.
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