Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/10/2018
Type Mercenary
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Aggressive


Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Random weapons
Status Alive
Occupation Mudzahedin
Allies Fez Corsair

Commander Tarboosh

Kebab Wizard

Fez Army Corps

Field Officer(Currently)

Enemies Beret Terrorist

Beret Military Organization

Ushanka Doge

Handzarman is a White-skinned WHT Demoman created by TeslaTitanicX. His theme is Defend Kebab.


He worked as a regular BLU Mercenary to take down RED Team until an arrival of Beret Terrorist who was possessed by an idiotic man. He escaped and trained by Kebab Wizard to become a commando.

Appearances and Behavior:

Handzarman appears to be WHT Team, Fez on his head, Bosnian logo on both arms, dynamites strapped in his bandolier and wears The Commandos pants. He is very defensive and often kills anyone who possessed by a dirty thing.

Powers and Abilities:

Handzarman is well trained and armed mostly with possible types of Assault rifles, with one hand means he can armed both weapons in his both hands. Somewhat he can set up explosive at the target.

Faults and Weaknesses:

A long ranged freaks can deal with Handzarman since they were too far enough to targeting him. Somewhat, Handzarman sometimes overconfidence when he challenge other freaks.


  • Dedicated to Handschar who fought in WW2.
  • His actual model did not existed yet since the creator does not have a software that used to reskin TF2 Freaks.
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