Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Handsome Devil undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Handsome Devil
Handsome Devil
Creator Blastertronus
Creation 4/13/19
Debut PENDING...
Type Metahuman
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Prideful, Cruel
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Time Skip
Future Vision
Temporal Lock
Supernatural Strength
Weaknesses Fragile
Paranoia of Being caught
Status Alive
Occupation Human and Drug Traffickers

Handsome Devil is a RED Spy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Blastertronus

His Theme Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Ost - Hermit




Handsome Devil Appears to be a Maskless, Burgundy RED Spy Who wars a Au Courant Assassin and A Hat to Kill for, Both painted in Pink as Hell.

Personality and Behavior

Handsome Devil Extremely prideful, ruthless and brutal Drug dealer maintain his position As a Salzman on the Black-market and Charismatically Manipulates others to do crazy and terrible thing, Charlie Manson Style, in exchange for What he is selling to them.

He shows an Extremely unhealthy obsession with erasing any trace of his history and keeping his presences and Existents a secret from the world, a compulsion he tries to fulfill by any means. As he believes the mistakes of the past or simply the past itself is something to be defeated and destroyed in order for human beings to grow, he is exceptionally anxious about his past, linking it to fear, and being apprehensive of anyone learning of him and he will hunt and kill those who try to uncover any kind of personal information, or are merely susceptible to lead his enemies to him.

Powers and Abilities

Faults and Weaknesses


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