Creator PumpkinLOL
Creation 15 June 2013 (Concept)
Type Alien
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Bellicose
Fighting style Short-to mid-range
Abilities Magnetokinesis
Inhuman Strength
Martial Arts
Status Alive
Occupation Wanderer

Gyro is a GRY Pyro TF2 Freak created by PumpkinLOL who possesses magnetic elemental powers.

His theme is Omega Boss from Mega Man Star Force 3.

Appearance and Personality

Gyro appears as a GRY Pyro who does not have a air tank on his back and no grenades on his bandolier. He wears the Smog Guard, and his main weapon is a gray Homewrecker.

An alien who mysteriously crashed and since lives in planet Earth, Gyro is cold, aloof, and anti-social. He has limited Earth cultural knowledge and an inability to understand sarcasm. He is unflinching and bellicose, always determined to fight, demonstrating aggressive and solemn behavior. In addition, he is fearless and determined, plus quick-thinking and perceptive, reacting to significant changes in a flash.

Powers and Abilities

Gyro is able to both generate and manipulate existing magnetic fields. This allows him to take control of certain metals that are known for their magnetic properties, like iron, nickel, and cobalt. Gyro can also extend his power to controlling living beings like humans through the iron in their blood or certain metallic particles in the brain; however that is yet to be seen.

Gyro is also physically stronger than a normal Pyro, which means he can carry objects heavier than his own body weight with his own bare hands and take on people who are on par or potentially stronger than him. This is further enhanced by his knowledge in martial arts; he is a proficient user and can use his own strength to enhance the damage of his punches and kicks, making him a potentially powerful fighter in his own right, despite his unassuming appearance. He can also mix in the usage of his Homewrecker with his fighting style, adding to his dangerous potential.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Certain magnetic fields, existing or created, can be destroyed by very high temperatures.
  • Gyro may be limited to controlling existing/local magnetic fields.
  • Due to his upfront and somewhat aggressive attitude towards fighting, he may be prone to being outsmarted by more cunning opponents.
  • Gyro's lack of understanding Earth expressions has caused him to be injured or miss opportunities.


  • Gyro is just a nickname. His real name is not known.
  • Gyro can only speak his native language fluently, although it is hard to recognize because of his mask muffling most sounds.
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