Creator KingCobra7
Creation February 12, 2020
Debut Meanwhile... (Cameo)
Type Cursed human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Belligerent, combative
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Peak human characteristics
Three-Rune Blade
Super reflexes
Energy balls
Weaknesses Removal of necklace
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary (Formerly)
Superiors Commander Black (Supreme)
Pyreaper (Immediate)
Allies RED team (Formerly)
Enemies Striker (Brother)
Grazer (Former ally)

Glaive is a BLK Female Scout TF2 Freak concept made by YouTube user KingCobra7.


Many years ago, Glaive was once an ordinary girl who was the daughter of the wealthiest and most skilled Spy of the RED team. She lived with her father in his chateau, along with her mother and Striker, her older brother.

One tragic day, a group of BLU mercenaries tracked down her father's house and attacked it, with the assault being lead by Commander Black (as a normal Soldier) and his right-hand man. Glaive's father immediately sent a distress signal to his RED teammates. He then grabbed his weapons and tried to fight off the mercenaries, but in the end, was no match for them, and met his demise at the hands of Black himself.

Meanwhile, Glaive and her brother hid in a closet while their mother hid in the bathroom. The mercenaries eventually found her and ordered her to surrender. She refused and eventually was shot. Glaive panicked at the sight of this, alerting the BLU mercenaries of their location. However, before they could capture them, the RED team appeared and fought off the BLU mercenaries, with only Black and his bodyguard escaping alive. The RED Soldier leading the assault, who also happened to be a friend of Glaive's father, noticed that the parents were killed, and decided to raise Glaive and her Striker as his own children.

For many years, he took care of them and eventually trained them to become formidable mercenaries working for RED. Sometime during their employment, they met Grazer and became friends with him.

One day, they all went on a mission to reclaim cp_freight_final1, which had been overrun by BLU. The Soldier encountered Colonel Black and engaged in a deadly fight with him while the rest of the team fought off the BLU mercenaries. Striker suddenly got incapacitated by a BLU Heavy, and screamed for help, distracting the Soldier. Suddenly, Glaive arrived and saved him. The Soldier was relieved, but then Black immediately took the opportunity to stab his heart while he was off guard. He then ordered a retreat, as the BLU team was being overpowered.

Glaive was saddened to see her adopted father dead, but not as upset as Striker. She swore she would help him get revenge, no matter the cost.

One tragic day, Glaive and Striker were deployed into ctf_2fort with a squad of mercenaries to steal the enemy's intelligence. She and her brother fought their way through the BLU base and eventually made it to the intel room. Glaive proceeded to take the intelligence but saw Striker escaping after overhearing the team's leader dying. Concerned, she followed him and eventually caught up, right as Soltron was about to shoot him.

Knowing what had to be done, she ran over and shoved her brother aside, and ended up taking the shot from Soltron's shotgun. After Striker failed to fight the malevolent machine and ending up abandoned on 2fort's bridge to burn to death, Pyreaper ordered a group of Replicants to collect the bodies of the mercenaries. He took Glaive's body himself.

Eventually, she was taken to a laboratory and placed on a table. Pyreaper read her mind and found out about the currently unknown tragic events that happened even further in her past. The wraith then figured she deserved to be more than just a Replicant to make up for this upsetting past. So he had his Engineers forge a necklace that he cursed with his dark powers. This necklace was placed around her neck. The dark magic of the necklace then gave her her life force back, as well as dark powers. However, it was at the cost of her memory being wiped and her ability to speak. She awoke in her current state and has been loyally obeying her superiors ever since.

At one point, she stood with Commander Black as he overheard Pyreaper telling him about Soltron's capabilities of fighting other Freaks.

Another time, Pyreaper took her to pl_barnblitz to sharpen her skills. She unleased her abilities on a group of helpless BLU mercenaries. Her wraith superior complimented her on her combat prowess. He then returned her to base where they continued to progress their evil plan.

Later, she was relaxing in the main base and witnessed Commander Black turn the team's highest ranked Medic into Medimancer.

Appearance and Personality

Glaive appears as a BLK Female Scout without an earpiece. She wears a Courtly Cuirass, Brooklyn Booties, a Bruiser's Bandana (Clean), and a red-painted Sign of the Wolf's School. She wears black bandages instead of white ones (which are meant to resemble Digit Divulgers). Her most notable trait is her soulless, glowing white eyes. She carries a Three-Rune Blade on her back, if not holding it in her hand. She is completely mute.

With her memory wiped, she is not sure how she came to be or what her purpose in life is. However, due to Pyreaper constantly convincing her, she holds an immense amount of hatred towards all inhabitants of the TF2 Freak World, believing they are all her foes, even her former allies, who she is unable to recognize. Any attempt for her old allies to get her to recognize them will prove useless.

Her necklace keeps her locked in this state of malice and provides her with dark magic. She believes her greatest enemy is Striker and hates him more than any of her so-called foes. She wants nothing more than to destroy him once and for all. She even hates Grazer just as much but considers him second to Striker.

Apart from her aggressive attitude, she is loyal to Pyreaper, believing he is some sort of father figure to her and will obey any order from him. She is also loyal to Commander Black but considers Pyreaper to be superior.

In battle, Glaive stays as close to her attacker as possible while delivering brutal, devastating blows and evading any counterattacks they try to return. She tries her hardest to target where they are weakest. However, she will quickly retreat if her foe is too powerful or if she is gravely wounded.

Powers and Abilities

Imbued with dark magic, Glaive is twice as resilient as a normal Scout in every way. Strength, durability, speed, flexibility, etc. She is armed with a Three-Rune Blade which she acquired upon being cursed. She is very skilled with this weapon, and uses it to slaughter her foes in the most brutal ways possible. She is at her best when in melee combat.

She is also very skilled in martial arts, and can still beat down her opponents easily if disarmed.

She possesses an ability similar to Soldierai's "dash", and can cover short distances quickly. However, she primarily uses this to quickly get close to her opponents and finish them off with devastating strikes after they are weak enough.

Glaive is also able to create energy balls in her hands and hurl them at her enemies. These energy balls can significantly weaken their targets, allowing Glaive to gain the upper hand over them.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • While Glaive is slightly more durable than a normal Scout, she can still be injured easily like one.
  • She lacks any form of long-ranged combat.
  • If her necklace were removed, she would change back into the Scout she once used to be. However, this proves almost impossible, as getting close to her is very dangerous.


  • Glaive has been through multiple changes.
  • As a normal Scout, she wore just Brooklyn Booties and black bandages.
  • Glaive is named after the infamous European polearm.

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