Funny Bunny
Creator Simplenoise8
Creation 27th August 2016
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Erratic
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Jumping Bean
Object Summon
Weaknesses Clumsiness
Tricks are not so subtle
Status Alive
Occupation Irritating Trickster
Enemies Venom

Funny Bunny is a PNK Scout TF2 Freak conceptualized by Simplenoise8. Even though his appearance doesn't suggest so, he is a trickster demon who left the underworld without authority and is currently out roaming in the TF2 Freak World.

Appearance and Personality

Funny Bunny is a PNK Scout wearing Max's Severed Head painted Color No. 216-190-216, the Harlequin's Hooves and Courtier's Collar painted Noble Hatter's Violet.

Funny Bunny is an erratic individual. He is a rather "stereotypical villain" in that his crimes are usually stealing money from banks. Funny Bunny is a kleptomaniac but it's rare that he steals anything other than money. He never appears to feel anger or sadness and constantly appears happy and selfconfident. Although he is pretty nimble, he is also quite clumsy.

Powers and Abilities

One of Funny Bunny's main abilities is "Jumping Bean". This ability allows him to enter a mode where he can jump high and bounce around farther. He can move very quickly as well as summon 5 things from out of nowhere including a giant rocket launcher that fires a big melon which when it explodes fires out confetti and causes massive knockback, a Lollichop that he can hypnotise people with and three trick items.

The first is an australium weapon that turns into an Ullapool Caber and explodes once touched, the second is a variation of his giant rocket launcher, however this one shoots Ghastly and Ghostly Gibuses, to scare and annoy individuals. The final trick item is a whoopee cushion disguised as a pillow that creates a miniature earthquake.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • His clumsiness can make or break a fight between him and someone else.
  • Smarter freaks can see through his pranks and make them backfire on him.


  • He uses the lines for the Kooky voice from the first person shooter Gotham City Impostors.
    • These lines include his catchphrase and things like: "Salt and pepper on the wound, haha!", "Jumping Bean", "Bye bye planet Earth" and "You dropped like a sack of puppies, cute!".
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